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Woolworths Black Credit Card might be the card that you need!

Woolworths Black - 3% Cashback on Woolworths buys!


For individuals looking for premium benefits and an improved shopping experience, applying for the Woolworths Black Credit Card is an alluring option. Earning rewards is simple with 3% back in WRewards quarterly vouchers on Woolworths purchases and 1% back on transactions outside the store. Take advantage of free online delivery, widespread card acceptance, and the practicality of adjustable budget options. Peace of mind is provided by the additional medical and legal aid when traveling.


You will remain in the same website

This credit card accesses a world of special perks, including free taste magazines and hot beverages, for a fair monthly service fee and extra cards that are completely free. By using the distinguished Woolworths Black Credit Card, you may elevate your purchasing experience. Check out our article regarding the full review for more information on the card holder, and if you are already convinced, make sure to take a look at out “how to apply” article as well!

Amazing Cashback
Free online delivery
Global Acceptance
Medical and legal assistance

You will remain in the same website

You must make a minimum monthly income of R41,666.00 or an annual income of R500,000.00 to be eligible for the Woolworths Black Credit Card.

With the Woolworths Black Credit Card, you receive 3% back in WRewards quarterly vouchers on all purchases made at Woolworths (with the exception of those made at Engen garages) and an additional 1% back on purchases made elsewhere.

You can turn on travel insurance if you use your Woolworths Black Credit Card to buy an overseas airline ticket.

Yes, the card comes with a number of benefits, such as a free subscription to Taste magazine, two free hot beverages each month at Woolworths Cafe, free online delivery, and access to free legal and medical aid while abroad.

Yes, you can obtain up to 8 extra cards for family or friends without paying a premium.

If you by any means do not fit the requirement for the Black Card, you can still apply for the Woolworths Gold Credit card!

Not only do they also give travel insurance, but you can also have 2% cashback on all your purchases in Woolies! Check it out!

Woolworths Gold Credit Card Full review!

If you want a card that can not only give you good cashback but some insurance as well, take a look at this beauty!

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