How to Apply at Fly Safair – where you could earn R317 000 per year!

FlySafair is one of the companies in South Africa that is tryng to make travels more affordable to everyone. Learn how to apply!


Work on the aviation business!

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South African low-cost carrier Fly Safair was founded in 2014. By operating both domestic and regional flights, the airline provides passengers with reasonably priced and practical air travel.

Fly Safair is dedicated to offering excellent customer service while flying a fleet of contemporary aircraft.

Also, the organization has a reputation for having a welcoming and helpful work atmosphere and offers its employees a variety of advantages and possibilities.

For the people who want to work there, it has amazing pay and can be an excellent place for those who like cheerful workplaces.

If you are already convinced, apply it right away!


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Salary Environment

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However, if you want more information, keep reading our article, where you will learn more about the company and the application process!

What are the benefits of working at Fly Safair?

Attractive bundle of pay and benefits

The comprehensive compensation and benefits package that Fly Safair provides its employees includes paid time off, retirement savings choices, and health insurance. Further, the business is committed to providing its employees with fair and enticing wages.

Prospective career progression

By providing opportunities for internal progression, Fly Safair encourages staff development and growth. The airline offers a wide range of training and development programs to promote the advancement of its employees’ careers.

Travel benefits for staff

Employees of Fly Safair are entitled to subsidized airfare, allowing them to travel with the company at a reduced price.

Programs for professional development

Fly Safair provides its staff with a range of professional development opportunities, including on-site training and chances to go to pertinent conferences and courses.

The business is committed to assisting its employees in realizing their full potential.

A welcoming and encouraging work environment

The work environment at Fly Safair is friendly and cooperative, with an emphasis on teamwork and collaboration. The business values a welcoming and inclusive workplace environment and encourages employees to voice their ideas and views.

Cooperative workplace culture

Fly Safair places a high value on teamwork and encourages its staff to help one another. The business is dedicated to creating a supportive and empowering workplace for its staff.

What are the skills needed to excel as a FlySafair employee?


  • Appropriate academic degree (e.g., aviation, business, etc.): In order to provide a diverse skill set and in-depth knowledge of the sector to the organization, Fly Safair welcomes candidates with formal education in relevant fields, such as aviation, business, or hospitality.
  • Aviation industry knowledge: Prior employment in the airline sector is an asset because it shows a familiarity with the sector and its operations. Fly Safair is looking for workers who are aware of the particular difficulties and requirements facing the sector.
  • Experience with customer service: The Fly Safair brand is built on excellent customer service; hence, the company is searching for employees with a track record of delivering exceptional customer service. For example, you might have worked in retail, hospitality, or another customer-facing position.


  • Excellent communication abilities: In the hectic and high-stress environment of an airline, effective communication is essential. Fly Safair is looking for candidates who have excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Strong focus on customer service: Fly Safair places a high priority on customer service and seeks personnel who are enthusiastic about giving each client a satisfying and memorable experience.
  • Ability to perform well under pressure: Fly Safair looks for workers who have this skill because working in an airline environment may be difficult and demanding.

How do I apply for a job at FlySafair?


Job Application


Salary Environment

Look if there are any jobs available at FlySafair!

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The following steps are commonly included in the Fly Safare application process:

  • Online application: Submit your resume and cover letter together with an online application through the Fly Safair careers website.
  • Screening: After reviewing the applications, the HR team at Fly Safair will choose a few people for additional examination.
  • Interview: Selected candidates will be invited to an interview, which could be conducted via phone, video conference, or in-person meeting.
  • Assessment: Candidates could need to pass a test or participate in a simulation, such as a flying or customer service simulation (for pilots).
  • Background check: To confirm employment history, education, and other pertinent information, Fly Safair may run a background check on a few chosen candidates.
  • Offer: If the applicant is hired, Fly Safair will provide an employment offer, which may cover salary, benefits, and the start date.

It is crucial to note that the specific application procedure may change depending on the position being applied for and Fly Safair’s hiring requirements.

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