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Transnet is one of the largest companies in South Africa regarding transportation and logistics, with more than 55 000 people employed by them. It is a very good job for those who like dynamic environments to work and challenges!

Transnet is dedicated to collaborating with consumers to meet their needs, according to their website. They want to establish an environment at work that draws and keeps the best talent, allowing them to develop to their greatest potential. If you got interested, check out our full review article, and our “How to apply” article for further information!

Vacation and paid time off
Employee Assistance Program
Job Training & Tuition
Pension Plan

Before applying via the ESS, you must first register and update your profile. Only applications made through the careers portal will be taken into consideration for vacancies that are listed. Applications submitted by email won't be accepted.

You will automatically receive an email confirmation after submitting your application through their e-recruiting portal. Interview invitations will be sent to the candidates who made the short list. Within two to three weeks of receiving your application, Transnet hopes to complete this. But it can take us longer to respond to you depending on the open position and the volume of applications.

Transnet looks for individuals that possess the necessary knowledge and abilities to carry out their corporate strategy. Beyond academic excellence, this also entails, but is not limited to, having leadership skills, business savvy, and the capacity to create fruitful and long-lasting working partnerships with stakeholders.

To assess someone's aptitude, suitability, and fit for the position, they employ a variety of techniques. The role applied for heavily influences the evaluation methods. Cognitive exams, personality tests, emotional intelligence tests, and in-basket exercises are a few examples of these testing instruments.

A panel composed of the line manager, the subject matter expert, and HR, who oversees compliance, should conduct the interviews. Members of the panel ought to be generally reflective of Transnet's racial and gender demographics. Before shortlisting and interviews may begin, the panel must sign a Declaration of Interest form.

If you are willing to take a look at another big company, you can take a look at Homechoice.

They are one of the largest retailers in the country, and as so, they might have a job that fits almost everybody!

Becoming a HomeChoice worker: Earn up to R 7 500..

Homechoice is a leading retail store and is now entering the financial business. Lots of work needs lots of people!

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