Mr Price – You can earn up to R 13 000 per month!

Mr. Price is a large retail chain and has positions in a variety of divisions. It also has a solid career plan. Check out how to apply for!


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In a former Baumanns cookie warehouse on Brickhill Road in Durban, the first store under group ownership opened its doors in 1987.

By the end of 1990, there were a total of 19 Mr. Price’s Factory Shops. Over the following few years, the company, now known as Specialty Stores, purchased the franchisees’ trade businesses.


Job application

Mr. Price

Medical aid Incentives

Work for of the biggest retail store chains in South Africa!

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The Mr. Price chain’s shop base had increased quickly by 1998 when there were 221 locations and approximately R802 million in sales.

With the emphasis still on being a low-cost, high-volume, low-price, value brand, the company was able to extend from a clothing concept to home goods and then to a sports concept as a result of investing disproportionately in Mr. Price’s personality as opposed to the characteristic aspect.

In 1998, the first Mr. Price Home store opened, and by 2001, the Mr. Price brand accounted for the majority of group sales.

Even today, Mr. Price is a force to be reckoned with, and working with them comes with a lot of benefits.

Check out how to apply to work at Mr. Price.

What skills do you need to work at Mr. Price?

Mr. Price is a brand that relies on being fresh and casual. With this in mind, it is very important to employ young people so they can bring new ideas and trends to the atmosphere.

However, young people usually don’t have experience, that’s why Mr. Price invests so much in staff training.

So, what do you need to have? Three things are essential: passion, the will to learn and the ability to work well with the team.

Some jobs also need a bachelor’s degree of some sort.

Don’t worry about the rest as they will provide you with everything you need.

How to apply


Job application

Mr. Price

Medical aid Incentives

Work for of the biggest retail store chains in South Africa!

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According to Mr. Price Group, they train for skill and hire for attitude. You’ll be one step closer to becoming a member of their family if you have a wonderful attitude and are passionate about what you do.

You can apply by following the instructions below if you are seeking a job at one of the Mr. Price stores. That’s all.

Check out Mr. Price’s careers page

Login or register your resume

If you already have an account, just login to get started with your application! You must create a profile if you don’t already have one. This procedure should be quick and simple:

  • Enter your name, email address and password.
  • Review the data
  • Create a profile

View available positions

You are now prepared to begin applying after setting up your profile. You can look through the job openings and perform a location or division search.

The prerequisites, responsibilities, and other pertinent information will be displayed when you click the “more details” option next to the position you want to learn more about.


Once you’ve located the ideal position, simply click “Apply” and follow the instructions.

What’s fantastic is that by creating a profile, Mr. Price keeps you in mind for potential prospects even if nothing currently interests you.

Other additional pieces of information

You need the following in order to work at a Mr. Price store:

  • An ID from South Africa
  • The ability to work retail hours, including holidays and weekends
  • A grade 12 education is required (or equivalent)
  • The Mr. Price Group retains the right to do background checks on potential employees, including but not limited to criminal and credit checks.

If after 30 days you have not heard anything, it means your application has not been accepted.

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