How to apply and become a Transnet worker

One of the most significant businesses in the nation, Transnet deals with logistics and transportation. Learn how to apply!


Technology at the service of optimization

According to its website, Transnet’s goal is to maintain an internationally competitive freight infrastructure that supports continued expansion and diversification of the nation’s economy.

The custody of the ports, rail, and pipelines is held by Transnet.


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One of the most important companies in logistics might be the place you need to be!

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Additionally, Transnet is transitioning from its Market Demand Strategy, which was characterized by accelerated capital investment, to its Transnet 4.0 Strategy.

This strategy is focused on repositioning Transnet and the country’s freight system for competitiveness within the rapidly evolving, technologically driven context of the fourth industrial revolution.

The key growth axes of the plan include geographic expansion, the development of new goods and services, as well as the diversification and expansion of Transnet’s manufacturing operations.

Further, linkage, density, and capacity of the integrated port, rail and pipeline network are the primary objectives of Transnet’s project.

By 2020, the Transnet 4.0 Strategy aimed to boost the company’s revenue to R100 billion.

Besides, most of this expansion will occur organically within the current freight transport and handling divisions.

Transnet will continue to prioritize boosting operational reliability and efficiency in order to grow its market share.

As a result, continuing to engage in capital projects to modernize and expand the port, rail, and pipeline network and operations will remain a top focus, along with continuing to invest in their employees.

With such an ambitious goal, Transnet is the kind of company for those who not only need a job but also a challenge. Check out how to apply and how to be prepared.

What skills do you need to work at Transnet?

Like many companies, there are some jobs that need a bachelor’s degree, depending on it.

However, in this section we are going to be talking about the other skills, many companies state is very important:


How well can you express yourself? Practically every career requires good communication abilities.

You’ll probably need to communicate with others at work, whether they be employees, clients, customers, employers or vendors. Additionally, you must be able to speak and write politely and clearly with others in person, on the phone and in writing.


One that Transnet itself clearly states. Even though not every job posting is a leadership position, Transnet will want to know that you can make decisions under pressure and have people and situation management skills.

Therefore, Transnet looks for those who can handle themselves in a difficult situation and contribute to its resolution.


To accept change and make necessary adjustments, one needs flexibility and adaptability.

In fields like public relations, event planning, technology, nursing, and advertising, where work settings are fast-paced or continuously changing, this is one of the crucial soft skills you will need to have.         

How to apply for Transnet?

Immediately after submitting your application through their e-recruiting platform, you will automatically receive an email confirmation. Candidates that were selected for an interview will receive invitations.

Transnet intends to do this within two to three weeks of receiving your application. However, depending on the number of applicants and the current position, it might take longer to respond to you.

After that, an interview will be made, and depending on the field of work, Transnet can make some other tests to make sure you are fit for the job.

Unfortunately, all the information you need will be provided via phone calls or already in the job description. No need to worry.

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