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The best movies of 2022 (so far)

Read the description of each movie and see if it is what you expect from a good story. Get your popcorn ready and have a good movie!


Who doesn’t enjoy watching a good movie with delicious popcorn, good company, or even alone? From horror to comedy to superheroes to action, a lot of really innovative movies and talented filmmakers will be putting their stuff on display this year. We can almost say that it is the rediscovery of movie theaters. For so many months they were closed because of the “stay-at-home” period imposed by the COVID pandemic, in which only streaming was possible, going to the movies has an added pleasure. And how many emotions does a movie arouse, isn’t it?

The scenes, the soundtrack, the plot – every detail thought out by the director carry you for a few hours into an imaginary world capable of making your heart race, your skin crawl, and your eyes tear. All these sensations are to be expected when we choose a movie at the cinema or on streaming. On the other hand, when we get the choice wrong, frustration over wasting time and money can creep in. But these feelings no one wants.

So below are some of the best movies already released in 2022 that you can’t miss. Read the description of each one and see if it is what you expect from a good story. Get your popcorn ready and have a good movie!

The Batman

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Science Fiction

Movie script: During Halloween, Gotham City Mayor Don Mitchell Jr. is murdered by a serial killer who calls himself Riddler. Batman and Gordon follow Riddler’s trail to the ruins of an orphanage run by Bruce’s parents, Thomas and Martha. Debunked as forensic accountant Edward Nashton, the Riddler is incarcerated in Arkham Asylum. In Arkham, Nashton says he was envious of the sympathy Bruce received after his parents’ murder while he was ignored and wanted to join Batman and become a similarly masked vigilante. Batman angrily rejects Nashton and discovers he has planted car bombs all over Gotham. And chaos ensues in the city!

The Lost City

Genre: Romance, Comedy.

Movie script: Dr. Loretta Sage writes romance-adventure novels centered around a fictional heroine, Dr. Angela Lovemore, and her romantic interest, Dash McMahon. During a trip to promote the latest book on Lovemore, Loretta gets kidnapped by an eccentric billionaire who hopes she can lead him to an ancient city’s lost treasure from her latest story. Determined to prove he can be a hero in real life and not just on the pages of her books, Alan sets off to rescue her.

Everything Everywhere All At Once

Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Fantasy

Movie script: Evelyn Quan Wang is a Chinese American immigrant who runs a struggling laundromat with her husband, Waymond. Evelyn is given verse-jumping technology to fight Jobu Tupaki’s verse-jumping minions, who begin converging in the IRS building. Evelyn learns of Waymond’s plans to divorce her and discovers other lives where she made different choices and flourished, such as by becoming a kung fu master and movie star instead of leaving China with Waymond, who becomes a successful businessman. She needs to use her newfound powers to fight bizarre and bewildering dangers from the multiverse as the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

Multiversus: Check out this new game

How can you imagine a fight between Wonder Woman and Bugs Bunny? Between Tom & Jerry and Batman? Believe me, in Multiversus this is possible.

The Northman

Genre: Adventure, Action, Mystery & Thriller

Movie script: Prince Amleth is on the verge of becoming a man when his father is brutally murdered by his uncle, who kidnaps the boy’s mother. Two decades later, Amleth is now a Viking who’s on a mission to save his mother, kill his uncle and avenge his father. Amleth kills several of Fjölnir’s men. He meets his mother, who reveals that she was originally taken into slavery and that Amleth’s conception was the result of rape.

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

Genre: Comedy, Action

Movie script: Nick Cage, the fictionalized version of Cage must accept a $1 million offer to attend the birthday of a dangerous superfan (Pedro Pascal). Things take a wildly unexpected turn when Cage is recruited by a CIA operative (Tiffany Haddish) and forced to live up to his own legend, channeling his most iconic and beloved on-screen characters in order to save himself and his loved ones.

Top Gun: Maverick

Genre: Action, Adventure

Movie script: After more than thirty years of service as one of the Navy’s top aviators, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell is where he belongs. Facing an uncertain future and confronting the ghosts of his past, Maverick is drawn into a confrontation with his own deepest fears, culminating in a mission that demands the ultimate sacrifice from those who will be chosen to fly it.

The Black Phone

Genre: Horror, Mystery & Thriller

Movie script: Finney, a shy but clever 13-year-old boy, is abducted by a sadistic killer and trapped in a soundproof basement where screaming is of little use. The police search for Finney is unsuccessful. Finney prepares to sneak out but is stopped by another boy on the phone called Billy. He explains this is a game that the Grabber plays, and he is waiting upstairs to attack Finney with a belt if he leaves the basement.

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