Some good apps if you are a golf player

In a game that requires so much careful thinking, the digital universe could not be left out. Here's a list of the best apps for golf fans!


Golf is a game for those who like strategy. Patience and precision are crucial in this sport.

The player uses various clubs to hit balls into a series of holes on a course in as few strokes as possible, considering the distance of the holes and the relief of the field he is playing on.

And unlike the most popular of sports, soccer, the golf course has no standard measurements, and there are probably no identical courses in the world.

The golf course can have any topography and texture, both in its courses and in its natural and artificial obstacles. Therefore, the player must learn to “read” the details of each course.

In a game that requires so much careful thinking, the digital universe could not be left out. Today there are several apps to help players with strategies.

From apps that help you manage the course of the ball, to apps that help you stay calm in a high-pressure environment during the game. There are many useful tools to put into practice.

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So let’s get to the list of the best apps for golf fans.


This app has both a free and a pro version. In the pro version, the player can use more features for planning. But we will list here the main features that are available in the free version.

  • Calculate the distance to the center of the field.
  • Monitor and record every shot and the clubs used.
  • Share game schedules with friends.
  • Visualize and plan moves with full 3D overflight previews of the course.
  • In-depth statistics for improvement and progress in your game.
  • Watch free weekly Golfplan videos.
  • Get the latest golf news in your feed.

V1 Golf app

This app promises to have everything the player needs, and for both the professional player and the amateur who wants to take the sport more seriously. It is indeed a golf school.

The app’s creators describe themselves as the pioneers in video lessons about this sport. Through the website, they provide solutions for coaches and students.

For example, there you will find telestrated video, ground pressure, on-course golf data, personalized tips, and drills.

There is a version of the app for players and another for coaches.

The main functions of the app for players are:

  • Analyze videos: Use the same tools as top coaches to analyze and compare your swing.
  • Drills & models: Stream premium content direct from V1 Partners and Ambassadors.
  • Online lessons: Send your swing to your coach and receive a full analysis back.


This app is more focused on field metrics and helping with game strategy planning. It has the following features:

  • Accurate GPS distances: GPS with elevation data for accurate slope distance to any point on the course.
  • Approach view: Plan your approach shot and find the best location to land your ball.
  • Putt Line feature: know how your ball will break for every putt on the green.
  • Scores & Stats: Pro-level scoring and stats tracking.

Imagine Golf

As a game of strategy, golf can be improved through mental play. And that’s the focus of this app: helping amateur and professional golfers learn the mental game from the best PGA and LPGA pros. The features of this app are:

  • 400+ audio classes, stories, and drills from bestselling golf books.
  • Insights from the best teachers in the game.
  • library of content is designed to improve your golf game.

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