Apps for writing: check these out!

A so much used art that became banalized, but it shouldn't be. Check out some apps if you want to be a better writer!


The art of writing is something that we use every day, regardless of our jobs, on our phones. Therefore, although important, some people tend to underestimate the power of good writing.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some apps that can help your writing, your grammar, or even how good can be your typing.

Do you need so help to quit smoking? These apps…

If you are a person who wants to keep smoking, or knows someone who wants to, take a look at this list. It can help a lot!


This book writing program can be used to create a variety of content, including long-form pieces for newspapers, reports, books, and more. People used Scrivener in the past to blog, for example.

These days, long-form writing is the main purpose for it. A typical word processor like Microsoft Word is far from all that Scrivener can do.

Using the desktop and mobile writing apps, Scrivener makes it simpler for authors and even students to organize their thoughts and manage more challenging writing assignments. It is also accessible on the iPad.

Additional keyboard shortcuts in Scrivener can help you write faster.

Living Writer

There are numerous outline templates in Living Writer for well-known story forms like the Hero’s Journey.

Without a word processor, Living Writer can be accessed online. It helps writers organize their stories and plots using boards, much like Scrivener does.

 There are a number of outline templates in Living Writer for well-known story formats like the Hero’s Journey.

It’s a fantastic option for novels and short tales. A new offline desktop mode and Android and iOS apps are now available for LivingWriter. A 14-day free trial is available without a credit card.


An amazing feature for anyone who writes a lot during the day, and I can’t recommend it enough.

Grammarly proofreads all text in any book. Additionally, the service may check your emails in mail programs and display error data (you need to install an extension for Chrome).

An enhanced manual check, the ability to detect plagiarism, and more errors are all included in the commercial edition.

You can view all the faults in the premium version, but only up to 400 in the free one.

However, even the free functionality is sufficient to check a brief letter of inspiration. Additionally, this interface aims to be as user-friendly as possible.

Write! Pro

With the help of the software, writers can organize both short- and long-form work and establish daily word objectives.

As a digital writing and note-taking workplace, Write! Pro claims to be.

It runs as an app on your computer on Windows and Mac. For security and accessibility from anywhere, Write! Pro backs up your work to the cloud.

It has a focus mode, white and dark themes, and is a writing program that eliminates distractions similar to Byword or IA Writer.

 However, compared to similar apps, Write! Pro offers more editing options and fonts.

For instance, using the app, authors can establish daily word count goals. Like Scrivener, you can also organize both short and long pieces of writing using tabs and a file and folder structure.


Before you dictate them, you can utilize Dynalist to draft bullet-pointed outlines. With the exception of mind-mapping software, it is the fastest highlighting program you may use.

Additionally, it allows for sharing and cooperation, which is helpful if you want to hire a writer to write an article for you.

This tool is helpful if you’re the kind of writer who enjoys outlining their work in advance.

Unless you value a revision history, the free version is usually adequate for the majority of writers.

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