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Multiversus: Check out this new game that is becoming a real trend!

How can you imagine a fight between Wonder Woman and Bugs Bunny? Between Tom & Jerry and Batman? Believe me, in Multiversus this is possible.


It seems, at a first glance when seeing the characters in this game, an unimaginable fight between legendary characters. How can you imagine a fight between Wonder Woman and Bugs Bunny? Between Tom & Jerry and Batman? Believe me, in Multiversus this is possible.

This is a game that involves battles in intense 2v2 matches. This platform game allows you to play your matches in a fun cooperative or mano a mano fight. The cast of fighters available to choose from are characters that have marked generations, from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. And with the possibility to pair up with any of the characters, the result is a very dynamic combination of skills.

But beware who thinks it is a “gift” from Warner for lovers of fighting games. Although initially, a person can log in to play in free mode, many players will soon be tempted to purchase one of the packaged versions with more features and add-ons to have a more competitive and complete experience of the game. Certainly the “play for free” is what in marketing is called a top funnel: a strategy to attract many people daily from the experience with the game; from there on, some will leave it, but many others will become fans and active consumers of the various services already available on the platform.

Drop some money for a better experience

That is, many will be attracted by the free play option, but will soon want to upgrade their accounts to unlock currencies, cosmetic options, and perks along the way. Players can also purchase a Battle Pass and progress through it by completing in-match challenges. If you want prettier banners and badges, new announcers, or alternate costumes, you’ll have to pay for the Battle Pass or individual items, which could quickly get pricey. You’ll probably want to drop some cash on the game, so it doesn’t become a frustrating experience.

This game, unlike others that many gamers are accustomed to buying, installing, and playing through, is probably just getting started. Multiversus promises greater longevity and engagement through Cross play and Cross progression. The ability to play across multiple platforms, PS4, PS5, Xbox, or even on PC, favors more possibilities for expansion among friends and new users. In traditional fighting games, you can only play against your friends. The ability to queue up with a friend and play together on the same team makes the game much more likely to succeed with a casual audience. People want to queue up with their friends and just having the option will make the game appeal to many more players.

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Well, this trend is just beginning. But it is a long-term project, which aims to attract the player to invest a considerable amount of money to get extra features, inviting him to become a ‘founding member’ promoting greater engagement. In other words, fight game lovers: prepare your pockets because many of the new features will probably be restricted to paying members because as the saying goes, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Becoming an Ambassador

But what makes the game even more attractive to players is the possibility of becoming an ambassador, a kind of “professional player”. With this role, the player will cooperate in the growth and formation of a true community around this game through content creation. And all this with the possibility of receiving prizes, recognition, and exclusive access. Truly, a life in another dimension.

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