These are one of the most expensive apps in the world

When you think it could not get worse... Here is a list of the most expensive apps out there, and what makes them so expensive.


Many apps around the world win money in various ways, Uber for example, despite being a free app, charges some fee inside the money you pay on a ride.

Others, like Netflix, need a monthly subscription so you are able to watch its immense catalog.

However, there are some apps for that you need to pay ridiculous amounts of cash so you are able to use them. Believe it or not, some are just ridiculous, and the more amazing is that some people actually pay for it.

So, here is a list of some of the most expensive apps you can find both on the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

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Abu Moo: $400-$2400

Abu Moo consists of a list of 6 apps: Black Diamond, Sapphire, Amethyst, Emerald, Aquamarine, and Ruby, each one of them costing US$ 400.00.

Well, you might that his app may be an A.I. Butler that will take care of everything regarding your phone, you just need to say a few words, and you do everything you want, well… This app is just a screen wallpaper.

Yeah, you read that right, the Abu Moo 6 apps are just 6 different wallpapers, that you will have after your download.

And the craziest fact, it sells, with the Black Diamond one being the jewel of the crown.

Cybertuner: US$ 1,488.99

This app enters on that category of apps that, if you have a lot of money, and care enough about the details and results to spend this amount of cash, maybe (and a big maybe) can serve you well.

This is a piano tuning software, you can use to tune your instrument. What makes this app so expensive is the fact that not only piano is one of the most complex instruments to make a perfect tune, but also because it took 3 years, with a whole year of tests by music experts, so this app could be on top when it releases.

So, if you have this money to spend, have a piano, and really want its tuning to be flawless, you can try Cybertuner for yourself.

iVip Black US$ 1,399.00

Now, this is an app for a person who really has a lot of money to spend, and is not afraid to show to the world how rich he or she is, and that there is no fear regarding boasting about it.

iVIP Black is a premium lifestyle mobile application, its feature is designed for “rich people’s problems” like access to private jets, personal trainers, personal stylists, theaters, butlers, restaurants, exclusive restaurants, and on-demand concierge services.

If you want to become an iVIP venue, prepare to pass through a very rigorous test that you see if your brand is “premium enough”.

Its developers take it this process very seriously, by constant improvements, refining, and improving the app.

Bonus: GunBros Apathy Bear

GunBros is an app that you can download free to your phone, so you can play it out. But what makes a free app on this list? Well, it’s not about the app itself, but one of the characters.

The game developers created a character called Apathy Bear, that can shoot 11 bullets at a time and has an insane amount of damage. Well, you can acquire it, if you are willing to shell out the trifle of US$ 600.

Now that is what I call a pay-to-win game for serious players to would do anything to be on top.


Next time you think your app subscription may be a little expensive, remember how much someone may have paid for wallpaper or for an online character.

As long as there is some market share for these apps, they still will be out there.

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