Applying at Schlumberger – ₦ 500,000 per month in the beginning!

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What do I need in order to apply?

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Do you want to start a successful career in the oil and gas sector? Professionals looking to make an impact in this vibrant industry can choose from a variety of intriguing options offered by Schlumberger, a global leader in oilfield services.

This in-depth guide will help you through every step of applying for a job with Schlumberger, from identifying the qualifications that set you apart to negotiating their application process’s complexities.

Are you prepared to enter a sector that supplies the world’s energy needs? Let’s discover Schlumberger’s world and your route to a rewarding and significant career.

What skills do I need to excel as an employee?

  • In a multinational corporation like Schlumberger, good communication is crucial. You’ll have to explain intricate technical concepts to coworkers, clients, and teams from various backgrounds.
  • Flexibility: The oil and gas sector can be erratic. Given that you might work in many settings with various climates and project contexts, it is imperative that you be flexible and open to change.
  • Solving Issues: Schlumberger frequently handles difficult engineering issues. You can find and apply solutions quickly when you have strong problem-solving abilities.
  • Leadership: Leadership abilities are important, whether you’re in charge of a team or taking the initiative on a project. They entail leading groups, making choices, and accepting accountability.
  • Teamwork: In a business where initiatives frequently involve multidisciplinary teams, collaborative teamwork is crucial. The capacity to collaborate well with others is highly valued.
  • Time management: With constrained project deadlines and schedules, good time management makes sure you can properly balance activities and deliver outcomes.
  • Employees at Schlumberger frequently evaluate big data sets and technical information. You can gain insights and make wise decisions with the aid of strong analytical skills.

How is the application process at Schlumberger?


Job application


Good Salary Development

Up to ₦ 500,000 per month!

You will be redirected to another website

The first step is to submit an online application via the official careers website of Schlumberger, where you can look for open positions and do so.

The HR department of the business evaluates your résumé and cover letter after you’ve filed an application to determine whether you meet the requirements.

Candidates who have been shortlisted are subsequently invited to interviews, which can last several rounds. Depending on the position, these interviews may be conducted over the phone, through video, or in person.

Technical evaluations or practical exams may be used to determine your proficiency for technical employment. Additionally, the business could check your references to confirm your employment history and credentials.

You will be given a formal job offer that spells out the terms and circumstances of your employment if you successfully complete these phases and satisfy the company’s requirements.

You could go through training to gain the skills and information required for your profession. There may be a trial period where your performance is assessed for some jobs.

Depending on the position and Schlumberger’s current recruitment needs in Nigeria, the precise information and timetable may change.

For information on revisions and application guidelines, it is advised to frequently check their official careers website.

Reaching out to current or past coworkers through networking can help increase your chances of success and offer insightful information about the procedure.

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