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World cup is right around the corner: here are some curiosities about soccer

With the coming of the competition, soccer becomes the sport of the time. Let's see some curiosities that you may not know.


With the FIFA World cup coming in hot and especially after such a pandemic, it is more than natural that all eyes are aiming at this amazing event.

So, today we are going to be taking a look at some curiosities about soccer that you probably weren’t aware of.

Without further ado, let’s dive straight into it.

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The word has its origins in the English game as an acronym of association football, while being most closely connected with the American football culture.

As both rugby and what is now known as soccer lacked a set of established regulations, it served as a means of separating the two sports.

The two sports became known as they are now when the FA adopted the rules. American Football and Soccer were created as a result of the expansion of the games and their rules to the country.


The record for the quickest red card in soccer history belongs to Lee Todd. He made an expletive two seconds into the game while representing Cross Park Farm Celtic.


Lev Yashin, often known as The Black Spider, spent his entire 20-year career playing for Dynamo Moscow and representing the Soviet Union. He is the only goalkeeper to have won a Ballon d’Or.

When goalkeepers were stationary between the posts, he invented the modern goalkeeper’s position by directing and controlling the game from the back and acting as a sweeper by intercepting crossed and rushing opponents.

The 1958 World Cup, which was the first to be aired and displayed Yashin’s brilliance to the entire world, helped him establish his legend.

Yashin was inducted into the World Cup all-time team and received the prestigious Balon D’Or award.


Awarded the Ballon d’Or Stanley Matthews competed until he was 50 years old at the top of the sport.

At age 50, Stanley Matthews was the oldest player to compete in England’s premier flight and the only active soccer player to get a knighthood.

While playing the majority of his football for Stoke City and Blackpool, he earned the distinction of being the first Balon D’or winner in 1956.

By eating more fruit and salad, fasting on Mondays, and avoiding alcohol, Mathews maintained his fit figure. He kept his shape the entire time thanks to his healthy lifestyle.


While playing for Manchester City, Balotelli was a prolific goal scorer but was not regarded as a provider. His lone assist for the team was the most significant in history.

But Balotelli’s credentials as a creator would constantly be enhanced by the audio of commentator Martin Tyler for the Aguero goal that handed City their first championship in 44 years, as long as Manchester City is still around.

In terms of what it meant for the supporters and the club, that assistance and the feelings of that day may have been sufficient.


Immediately following the hugely successful 1994 World Cup that the United States hosted, United States Major League Soccer made its debut in 1996.

If FIFA gave the United States permission to host the World Cup, the country pledged to launch a professional soccer league. Today, the MLS is expanding yearly


Didier Drogba stopped Ivory Coast’s Civil War

In a video he made after helping Ivory Coast defeat Cameroon and advance to the world cup for the first time, Drogba pleaded with the opposing sides to lay down their weapons and work toward peace.

utilizing the occasion to emphasize the need for unity among the players from all regions of the nation in order to guarantee that the nation would be represented on the international scene.

The factions came to an agreement while enjoying the players’ singing and dancing, and they decided to put down their weapons, putting an end to the civil war that had been raging.

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