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See if you are fit into working as a security officer!

Security Officer - Earn R 5 542 per month


Working as a security officer can be a good option if you want something to do with a part time on your day and/or if you are a student and needs to complement your income. With little initial training needed, it is a career with less stress and an excellent work-life balance.


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So, if by any means you want a flexible job, that requires no formal education and with many options to choose from, being a security officer might be just what you are looking for. Check out our full review, and if you also want to know how to apply, check out our article on that regard.

Flexible Working hours
Little to none formal education
Many opportunities
Physically engaging

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To safeguard the property, a security guard must always be aware of their surroundings. This task can entail patting down visitors as they approach the building. The guard must maintain vigilance while making use of their excellent senses of hearing, sight, and scent. They can identify any potential threats with the aid of these senses.

They usually ask things like: What about this position most appeals to you? Have you ever worked a job similar to this? What do your friends think of you? Have you ever had to step in to mediate a physical conflict? ... What concerning this role would you classify as "suspicious activity"?

A security professional may encounter complicated security hazards in several industries, including hostage and shooting situations.

The ideal applicant for the post of security officer possesses a solid work experience, a track record of stable employment, and a professional demeanor.

According to some reasearches, what makes a good security guard is: Physical fitness/strength Alertness/vigilance/mind on the job Communication skills Honesty/integrity Judgement

If you don't want to work as a security guard in private companies, but instead want to use all your will and skills for your country, you should consider being an SANDF worker.

Not only it has jobs close to being a security officer, but also offers training and other benefits. Check out now!

SANDF – You can earn up to R 13 000 monthly!

South Africa National Defence Forces can be an excellent option for a rookie that wants to start and develop a career!

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