Practice self-care and set goals with these apps

Take care of yourself to take care of others. Thus, here are some apps for you to definitely start taking care of yourself, with no excuses.


There are certain things that no one can do for you. The main one is to take care of yourself, your health, and your well-being.

Getting better sleep, exercising, drinking more water, and relaxing are just some of the physical and mental health care that every person should have.

To help you in this task, I brought here some apps for you to definitely start taking care of yourself, with no excuses.

For if you are not well, everything and everyone that depends on you will be bad too. So take some time for yourself every day and take care of yourself.

Aloe Bud

As we are always busy, each of us would need a private secretary to remind us of ourselves. Aloe bud does this for you: it reminds you during the day to drink water, eat and rest. And if you can’t accomplish some goal, he encourages you with every little achievement you get.


While some apps help you through your daily tasks, Shleep helps you sleep better.

Shleep rates how well you’re sleeping with a questionnaire and teaches you how to sleep better through learning modules. Depending on your sleeping habits, Shleep will prioritize certain modules over others.


Loosid is a digital sober community that provides support to members and celebrates the choice of sobriety. The app links up users with friend groups, dating options, and sober events.


The app offers users motivational phrases, tips, the time elapsed without cigarettes, and a chart of money saved. You can use it to set incentives for yourself

Healthy foods that will keep you on budget

f you need to eat better and are on a budget, look no further. Here is a selection of healthy foods with affordable prices for everyone.


This App can help you find a few moments in the day to feel peaceful. The app offers hundreds of meditations on topics including anxiety, stress, sleeping, forgiveness, gratitude, and more. The sessions range from three to 25 minutes long. The app is free to download.


Lumosity lets you play games, learn and improve your mind all at once. The app includes puzzles, memory games, logic problems, meditation techniques, and more. As you play, you can track your progress while learning your strengths, weaknesses, and cognitive patterns.


Aetheria teaches you about an array of mental illnesses and disorders so you can better understand what’s happening in your body. You’ll learn coping methods for everything between everyday ups and downs to a crisis. The app offers access to therapy-driven and research-based tools to help people.


Keeping a journal is one of the best ways to see how much you’ve changed and accomplished over time. Getting your thoughts and feelings on paper is also therapeutic.

There are dozens of journal apps available, so it’s all about finding one that best suits your needs. The Day One app is a great journaling app option. You can also use the stock notes app on your phone.

Stretch Timer

You don’t have to commit to a vast amount of exercise to make a change in your life. Developing a habit of stretching at least once a day can make a big difference. It’s also doable for most people with physical limitations or injuries.

The Stretch Timer Plus app is an easy way to keep track of repetitions and time while listening to calm music.

Take care of yourself to take care of others. Here’s the key to what’s most important to you and all of us.

About the author  /  Marcelo Lopes


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