Become a security officer – Earn R5,542 per month on average!

If you need a job that gives you flexibility and good pay, you should learn how to become a security officer!


An important and very underestimated profession

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Consider a career in security if you’re seeking a fulfilling career with a variety of work prospects.

This sector offers a wide variety of security jobs with various pay scales and responsibilities, whether you wish to work on a secure network or safeguard people.


Job Application

Security officer

Flexibility Opportunities

One of the most flexible jobs you can have.

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You can better prepare for your future profession by being aware of your alternatives in this industry.

A lock, alarm, or gate may not always be sufficient to keep people and property safe. A security guard (literally) enters at this point, therefore.

A living, breathing line of protection against outside threats, incursion, and contextual vulnerabilities for enterprises and their surroundings is security personnel.

There are several general duties that help define the role, even though precise duties vary depending on the business.

Also, security officers are responsible for keeping an eye on surveillance equipment, completing building inspections, protecting entryways, and confirming visitors in order to secure the area and its inhabitants.

In conclusion, if you are considering becoming a security officer, keep reading our article and you will learn everything you need to prepare yourself.

What are the skills you need to become a security officer?

As stated before, a security officer is a job that can have many branches and specialties. So, it is very complex to define all the traits you need.

Here are some skills you will need to have in almost (if not, all) security officer jobs you might get into.


Security workers who have good communication skills can interact with their team, the emergency services, and the general public. The best safety standards are produced as a result of their interaction and excellent communication.


Security experts identify security threats by using their powers of observation. To secure a site or safeguard a person, professionals in this industry need to pay close attention to detail and be extremely alert.

Physical condition

You may need strength and physical stamina to get through the many physical hurdles your job brings whether you’re guarding someone or patrolling a space.

With that said, maintaining good health and fitness can improve your quick reflexes and aid in maintaining attention at work.


Working in security may need you to collaborate with others. You can serve your client or business more successfully by creating a team culture and working well with your teammates.


Transparency and honesty are essential when working in security. Security professionals uphold a level of trust with their team and the clients they serve by being honest.

Observation of details

To find potential security breaches, professionals working on security networks need to pay close attention to every aspect. They are able to stop future cyberattacks thanks to this talent.

How to apply and become a security officer?


Job Application

Security officer

Flexibility Opportunities

One of the most flexible jobs you can have.

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Finding out what and where you will need to study is the first step in achieving your dream, as it is with most vocations.

You must locate a training facility that is accredited by the Safety & Security SETA if you want to work as a security guard (SASSETA).

According to their responsibilities and level of authority, security guards are given grades from A to E.

Before you can start providing security services, you must first register with The Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) after completing your education.

The prerequisites are as follows:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Being a resident of South Africa permanently
  • Have not violated any of the Private Security Industry Regulation Act’s scheduled offenses; have received training from a recognized training facility
  • Being ineligible to serve in any official military, security police, or intelligence organization in South Africa or anywhere else (a clearance certificate is required for former members)

There is an R160 one-time registration charge and an R84 annual fee after that.

What if I prefer another job?

Consider joining the SANDF if you wish to use your entire will and skill set for your country rather than working as a security guard for private businesses.

In addition to having jobs that are similar to those of a security officer, it also provides training and other advantages. Take a look right now!

SANDF – You can earn up to R 13 000 monthly!

South Africa National Defence Forces can be an excellent option for a rookie that wants to start and develop a career!

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