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Some of the most expensive paintings you probably could have painted yourself

There are some paintings we cannot understand why they are so valuable. Here is a list of these paintings you may think you can do yourself.


Paintings can be extremely valuable to collectors, as they can be both beautiful and extremely expensive.

Many painters spend years perfecting their art, and as a result, their paintings can be extremely valuable.

However, there are some paintings that are so expensive that we stop and think “I probably could have done it.”

In this article, we are going to be taking a look at some paintings that you may actually be able to replicate, but I bet that you probably will not sell them as high as these values.

The Most Valuable Collectors’ Items in History

There are people who would pay a lot of money for these items. Check out our list of the most expensive items people have bought.

Piet Mondrian

This vibrant item, which will bring play and cheer to your living area, is first on the list.

 You’re going to need a lot of painter’s tape to master the Mondrian. In order to comment on Mondrian’s image of society, the primary hues of red, blue, and yellow are carefully arranged in cells that resemble jails.

 This would explain why there is so much white in the painting and might also represent class segregation or even a commentary on racial segregation.

Or everything I just said was an idea of my mind and it’s just squares and colors, sold for US$ 50 million.

William de Kooning

Interchange, a painting by Dutch artist William de Kooning, was sold to hedge fund manager Ken Griffith in September 2015. De Kooning’s work is highly regarded in the art world for the philosophy and commentary behind it.

I believe it has to do with movement and a lot of feeling. I advise using crayons and a hairdryer since it will be challenging to achieve the smudged oil painting appearance on this one. Just use your imagination.

De Kooning’s artistic temperament will no doubt be satisfied, if he knew his painting was sold for US$ 300 million

Yves Klein

Yes, that is the painting, and I’m not kidding.

If all else fails and you are true that artistically inept and unable to draw a straight line to save your life, try what Yves Klein did.

Don’t even bother giving it a label; just paint the entire thing blue.

 In all honesty, Blue Blob and Untitled Blue Monochrome are really the same things.

 He must have been genuinely trying to convey his lack of concern; it must be a French minimalist thing, worth US$ 3 million.

If it was another color, would it be worth more or less? Who knows.

Pablo Picasso

We’re getting serious now.

Pablo Picasso is regarded as one of the greatest artists of all time. Former casino magnate Steve Wynn had agreed to sell Steven Cohen La Rêve from his own collection.

 He accidentally damaged the painting by poking his elbow through it while displaying it.

 Following a number of secretive private meetings and the painting’s $90,000 repair, Wynn sold the painting to Cohen as intended.

 Le Rêve is apparently the most expensive Picasso artwork ever sold at US$ 139 million dollars, even after being damaged and repaired.


When building your own copy of these, you must take your time, at least you will be able to show to your friends your vast understanding of art history.

As you can see, this painting may look simple to be done, but I guess it’s worth the try of recreating or using some of them as inspiration for a work of art on our own.

Perhaps in the future, we can be telling the story of how your red square was sold for millions of dollars

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