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Airport Hacks Every Traveler Should Know

Getting through airports can be rather complicated. Here are some hacks you can use to make your travel more comfortable.


When we talk about traveling, there are some tricks and tips that can help us make our trips smoothers and our vacations (or business travels) as simple as they should be.

In this article, we will be sharing some airport hacks that may help you have an easier passage from airport to airport, so you can avoid major annoyances.

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1: Wear layers on travel  

This tip is here for several reasons. You never know when the airport is either hot enough or cold enough.

This is a specially good tip if you also are going to a place you have no idea how the weather might be.

Last, but not least, there is also a very good reason for wearing layers of cloth during a trip, but we’ll talk more about it later.

2: Don’t forget to bring a portable charger with you

There are travels that go according to our plans, but we are aware that this is not usually the case.

No matter the emergency, it is a very good idea to have your phone ready for any occasional problem.

One of the worst situations you can face on a trip is the need to talk to someone with urgency, and you realize your phone is out of battery.

Taking this into consideration, it is a very good idea to always bring a portable charger with you, this way, regardless of the situation, you will always have your phone ready for any occasional mishap.

3: Keep your laptop on an easy-to-access page.

Every time you go to an airport, security will always ask you to look at your laptop in order to double-check if there is no threat to the safety of others in that place.

Knowing this, you might want to keep your laptop in a place where you can put it in and out fairly easily, so you will not be wasting time with this step.

4: Tie a bright-colored ribbon to your luggage

One of the most hated parts of traveling is when you need to find your luggage right after the plane lands.

 If you tie a bright-colored tie (or any object you can discern from a mile’s distance) will hugely aid you on the quest on finding your things.

Next time you go on a trip, ask yourself: “how am I going to easily identify my luggage after the plane lands?” I assure you it be an entertaining aspect of it.

5: Skip eye contacts and uses glasses

A very underrated, yet very important tip for any traveler.

When you go on a plane, the environment is not friendly to the human body, one of the effects is that generally your skin and eyes get dryer during a trip.

So, if you are an eye contact user, you already get the picture: your eyes get irritated and the trip becomes very uncomfortable.

Next time you go on a trip, it is preferable to wear glasses instead of eye contact, so you will have fewer issues.

6. Wear your extra luggage.

This is the tip that perfectly matches what we were talking about in tip #1.

If by any chance, you feel that you may suffer from your luggage having extra weight, you can already predict that and use part of your own luggage.

Then, right after the check-in, you can make an outfit change, and boom, problem solved.

7: Avoid rushing the gate

It is almost automatic: as soon as the boarding begins, everybody seems to rush through the gate.

Wait until your section or zone is called, the plane will not depart without you if you are already on the airplane, so kick back and relax, you will have a much more tranquil experience.

8: Bring your own empty water bottle and snacks

You cannot enter an airport with water. As soon as you get in, security will ask you to pour it.

So, in order to avoid any problem, as with the laptop, it is highly recommended for you to bring your own water bottle and fill it in later, rather than pay an absurd amount for a water bottle.

The same applies to your snacks, why bother paying a lot on airport snacks (which are not as clean and fresh as you might think) if you can bring everything you like to eat to the trip?

Not only do you save a lot of cash, but you will have a more pleasant experience.


Having to trip doesn’t need to be as hard as necessary, these tips were made so you can have a smoother, tranquil, and ever cheaper trip (why not?)

Next time you go on travel, test out some of these trips, and watch your experience being completely different!

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