Discover How to Earn Discounts on the Macy’s App

Macy's is one of Americans' favorite high-end department stores. Find out how to earn incredible discounts on Macy's app


What is Macy’s?

Macy’s is one of the greatest high-end department stores that America has, originally R.H. Macy & Co, it was founded in 1858 by Rowland Hussey Macy, and the company was renamed Macy’s Inc. in 2007.

As of 2015, Macy’s was the largest U.S department store in retail sales. Another very interesting thing about Macy’s is that it sponsors New York City’s Fourth of July fireworks display since 1976, and on top of that, it conducted the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade since 1924.

Macy’s are located usually in shopping malls. However, when you have more than one Macy’s at the same place, the second one is usually arranged in some of these department configurations:

  • Women and Children;
  • Furniture Clearance;
  • Furniture Gallery;
  • Furniture and Kids;
  • Furniture and Men’s;
  • Furniture, Home, Kids, and Men’s;
  • Furniture, Home, and Men’s;
  • Furniture, Kids, and Men’s;
  • Home, Kids, and Men’s;
  • Home, Kids, and Women’s;
  • Home and Men’s;
  • Kids and Men’s;
  • Men’s

Nowadays, Macy’s has over 500 stores. With such a vast story and an amazing amount of good quality, no wonder why Macy’s is the favorite department store for many Americans.

With the internet, Macy’s didn’t take long and entered the e-commerce business, it is safe to say that is one of the e-commerce businesses in the United States.

Macy’s in the online business

To stay on top of its competitors, Macy’s already ran a website for online shopping, and since 2011, it has his own app. Its app is available in Google Play Store and in Apple App Store.

Macy’s app is completely free of charge as there is no premium subscription to it, the way that needs to be if one wants to attract more clients for online shopping.

Macy’s organization and elegant design natural to its physical location are very well repeated in the apps. The items’ descriptions are clear, the display is impeccable and you can buy on Macy’s app and be delivered anywhere in the world (the beauty of modern-day logistics, and its partnership with BorderFree).

Another great feature that Macy’s app has, is the idea that you can shop like an all-star, which means that you will have access to deals, exclusive content, and other kinds of stuff if you keep using the app.

Last, but not least, in Macy’s app you can get many discounts.

How to get Macy’s discounts

Macy’s, like many other big companies in several areas, is very generous with its discounts and coupons. Through online shopping, the costs of sending online products is far less than keeping and physical store all day long, so they want you to keep buying in their online store.

In order to encourage the customers, Macy’s app already gives the new users a 25% discount on their first buy, this way you feel inclined to taste the immersive experience Macy’s wants you to have in the online environment (as good as if you were on a Macy’s store).

You can also get 15% to 25% discount coupons if you sign up for e-mails and text alerts.

If you get into your Macy’s app once in and while, you can also be lucky enough to reclaim some vouchers and discounts released from time to time, not only from Macy’s itself but also discounts from some of the many brands that Macy’s sells on its shop.

There are not too many things that can make us as happy as buying some nice stuff, at an even nicer price. With this in mind, many apps distribute vouchers and discounts.

In Macy’s, being able to buy high-end items off-price, and in such a nice online environment, is a very convenient thing for us, happy customers.

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