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The Most Valuable Collectors’ Items in History

There are people who would pay a lot of money for these items. Check out our list of the most expensive items people have bought.


There are some things that we possess in life whose values are much more based on our emotional or symbolic meaning than everything else.

Because of this, there is the collector, people who, well, collect, certain kinds of items as souvenirs, some simply for a hobby, others for the reasons stated above.

However, there are some people who pay an outstanding amount of cash for some collector’s items.

Here are some of the most valuable collector items of all time, be ready to be surprised by how much cash is displayed in this article.

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7: Shoes (Most valuable: US$ 17,000,000.00)

Starting off or list is one item that nobody may have expected.

Yes, some shoes are expensive, but not as nearly to stand out on our list, however, the most valuable shoe ever was a Passion diamond shoe available in the amount that you see up there.

Simply a shoe craved on diamonds, a nice way to kick off our list.

6: Sports NFT’s (Most valuable: US$ 21,280,000.00)

With the boom of NFTs, many items were negotiated with a lot of cash.

Of the many categories, sports NFTs are the ones who moved the most money, and one of the items is the reason for the number 6 spot.

The most valuable item sold in this category was a LeBron James of an NFT picture taken in February 2020.

 5: Musical Instruments (Most Valuable: US$ 45,000,000.00)

Music is the kind of thing that seems to exist since humanity itself exists.

However, when we talk about expensive instruments, most of them are associated with classical music, like violins and cellos.

Since classical music is most of the time related to richness and wellness, it is kind of natural that people with money want to own some of these relics, in order to cement themselves as scholars.

The most valuable musical instrument was a MacDonald Stradivari Viola, one of the only 10 he made.

4: Classic Cars (Most Valuable: US$ 48,400,00.00)

Since it was popularized by Henry Ford at the beginning of the 20th Century, cars are among the objects that always have some aura or mystique on them.

In the 50s and ’60s for example, every car company that wanted to be respected was in an almost holy quest trying to win the Le Mans 24 hours race.

Ford, Aston Martin, Ferrari, these are but a few names of companies that achieve it, and the cars that won that ace were sold for millions of dollars.

The most expensive car was a Ferrari 250 GTO. It is a Ferrari, it from the ’60s, such a classic period, and only 36 were built. Well, you guess where the value comes from.

3: Books (Most Valuable: US$ 58,000,000.00)

If you ask people what is the most important invention of humanity, some may tell you it was the wheel, while some you claim it was writing and printing. Both of them are right

But speaking of books, they are the way that we learn from those who came before us: their thoughts, the way they see life and things, so we could keep up from where they stopped.

By the way, the most valuable book is the “Codex Leicester”, whose writer was no other than Leonardo Da Vinci itself.

2: Birthstones (Most Valuable: US$ 71,200,000.00)

Birthstones are practically the story of the world, how pressure, adverse conditions, and some patience can create some beautiful and natural wonders.

From ancient times, men thought their beauty could only be a testimony of the power and influence it could bear on humans’ lives.

Nowadays, some of these beautiful rocks are among the go-to collector items for people who have the money, and want so badly, to own them.

The most valuable birthstone is, of course, the diamonds, the most expensive one being sold by the value shown above.

1: Paintings (Most Valuable: US$ 450,300,000.00)

If books are the way we can understand other people’s minds, it is safe to say that if we want a deeper, something a fraction of peoples’ brains that not even themselves can explain, is through paintings.

Those human creations that have been in our imagination for too long, and you be there for some time still.

So, the most expensive painting ever sold was Salvatore Mundi, a painting by? Well, you guessed, Leonardo Da Vinci


No matter how tiny they may be, there are objects that will keep being objects of desire and being chased by many who want them badly for many reasons.

This list shows that human attention can be focused on a plethora of things, what might be the next most expensive thing an aficionado can buy? Only time will tell.

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