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Electric cars: check out these models that you can acquire right now

Electric cars seem to be an inexorable trend. Have you already chosen your favorite? Check out these three models.


The passion for cars is something that starts early. Who has never seen a child fascinated by the wheels of a toy car, the first remote control car, the first car ride on the lap of parents in the front seat with so many buttons on the dashboard, the experience of driving the car through a car wash and staying inside, the stops at the gas station, and so on…

Did I say gas? Well, cars that can run on electric batteries are already a reality. The energy source has changed, but the passion for cars will probably become even more interesting.

Electric cars, which only a few years ago were more appealing to people concerned about the end of non-renewable fuels or the impact of fuels on the environment, are gaining more fans every day. With bold designs and multiple benefits that these vehicles have, it’s a matter of a few years before they become the majority of cars on the roads worldwide. A study conducted by the Research Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen in Baden-Württemberg (ZSW), Germany, proves this information. Here are some figures:

• 2018 started with 55% more electric vehicles compared to the previous year;

• In China there is already a fleet of more than 1.2 million electric cars;

• In the United States, the fleet that was 195 thousand increased to 750 thousand in one year;

• In Germany, from 54,490, it increased to 92,740 electric cars.

Until a few years ago there was not a wide variety of vehicles that appealed to all “pockets” and preferences. Today the variety of electric cars ranges from compact cars to SUVs and even pickup trucks. Recently, due to increased demand, new research aimed at improving the weaknesses of electric cars, and the entry of new manufacturers in this market, battery costs are falling and public charging locations are becoming popular, thus expanding the range of potential consumers of electric cars.

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But which model to choose? Well, it depends on how much you have to invest and what your needs are. Let’s see now a list with the characteristics of some models. The ranking was published by the news portal U.S News and World Report:

#3 Mini Electric Hardtop (2023)

Price: $29,900

Pros: Fantastic MPGe ratings; agile handling; good maximum cargo capacity; straightforward infotainment system.

Cons: Short maximum driving range; firm ride; cramped rear seat

transmission: automatic.

MPG: 119 City / 100 Hwy

Body Style: Hatchback

Passenger Capacity: 4

Front Wheel Drive: Standard

Horsepower (Net @ RPM): 181 @ 7000

Torque (Net @ RPM): 199 @ 100

#2 Nissan Leaf (2023)

Price: $27,800

Pros: Lively acceleration and handling; spacious, comfortable interior; easy-to-use infotainment system; many standard safety features.

Cons: Mediocre cabin materials; short driving range.

Transmission: Automatic

MPG: 123 City / 99 Hwy

Body Style: Hatchback

Passenger Capacity: 5

Front Wheel Drive: Standard

Horsepower (Net @ RPM): 147 @ 3282

Torque (Net @ RPM): 236

#1 Chevrolet Bolt (2022)

Price: $31,500

Pros: Brisk acceleration; confident handling; great electric range; spacious rear cargo area

cons: ride quality can be harsh at times.

Transmission: Automatic


Body Style: Wagon

Passenger Capacity: 5

Front Wheel Drive: Standard

Horsepower (Net @ RPM): 200

Torque (Net @ RPM): 266

These are just some of the new models that will appeal to most consumers. Electric cars seem to be an inexorable trend. Have you already chosen your favorite?

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