FakeCalls apps: you didn’t know you needed them

Sometimes, we just need an excuse to bounce out! Here is a list of some of the best fake calls and message apps out there!


Do you know that kind of awkward situation where everything you ever wanted was some kind of excuse to get the hell outta there? Well, perhaps all you need was a fake call app to help you out.

So, we are going to present you’re the best fake call apps, or apps that give you “excuses to go out just a sec “(spoiler: this second is too long).

These are some of the best cookbook apps out…

If you are trying to be a nice home cooker, you are in the right place! Here are the best apps for you if you want a cookbook.

Fake Call Plus

To start, it offers a pretty simple user interface. You have five fundamental controls that you can adjust as necessary.

The first one is a timer that allows you to specify how long the call will ring after you push the start call button.

Despite the lack of a unique time setting option, you can select from a minimum of 3 seconds to 1 hour.

The next step is to complete the caller’s profile by adding their name and photo. Additionally, you can pick someone from your contacts, and the system will instantly recognize their photo.

Additionally, you have the option of changing the ringtone and turning on or off the vibration.

You can choose from the three standard voice selections that will be played through the receiver using the app, which also manages the receiver, to add even more fakeness.

Finally, after the call has ended, you can select a fake home screen or go back to the real one.

Both the call backdrop photo and the custom images for the home screen can be added from the gallery.

Text Me

Many individuals use the software Text Me to text anyone using a different phone number than their own.

 Giving your number to strangers you might not trust and making online purchases are both fantastic uses for it.

Text Me has qualities that make it ideal for this even though it isn’t a conventional tool used to make up a justification for leaving a scenario.

Text Me can be used for purposes other than those listed above; you can also text yourself.

Using a second number that is unrelated to your primary one, many users utilize the program Text Me to send texts to anyone.

Giving out your number to people you don’t know well is ideal for online sales.

Text Me has qualities that make it ideal for this, while not being a convenient tool used to invent an excuse for leaving a situation.

You can also utilize Text Me to send a message to yourself instead of for the purposes listed above.

Fake Call Prank

Despite being advertised as a prank call app, it satisfies every aspect of our criteria.

It not only offers a fake call feature, but you can also create false SMS messages.

 The app is divided into three categories: Fake Call, Fake SMS, and History.

You can enter the name, number, time, and message content in the History and Fake SMS sections, which are absent from other programs. Additionally, there is an option to select a saved contact.

On the other hand, in the section for false calls, you begin by entering the same information, such as a name, a phone number, and an hour, as you did for fake SMS.

 Additionally, there is the opportunity to select a custom skin from a variety of Samsung and Android smartphones.

You can customize the ringtone, turn on vibration, and even specify the number of minutes a call should last before being automatically disconnected.

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