Capitec Bank app: Is it worth it?

If you are a Capitec client, you will want to read this: check out our review of this bank's app and features. Is it good?


If you have an account on Capitec Bank, you may want to keep in touch with all your bank’s features and options in one place, in order to have better control of your financial life.

It is easy to forget about things we do not see or hear about it every day, and this includes our bank accounts, operations, and related contents, due to the speed that the world we live in is so quick.

Therefore, the best option to keep in touch with everything you need on your bank is to have its app on the phone, so every day you will take a look at the icon, and will be able to remember anything important.

Not only that, by having your Capitec bank app account downloaded, you can have all the features at a touch distance!

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Where to download Capitec Bank’s app?

You can find Capitec Bank’s app on Play Store, Apple Store, and even in Huawei App Gallery.

If you go through the bank’s website, you will find links that will directly go to the download page, saving you a lot of time.

Main features and functionalities of the Capitec App

Like many good bank apps, Capitec’s app also has a lot of functions and features, let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Open a Capitec Account: With just a photo, your ID, and some steps you are more than able of opening an account on Capitec;
  • Personalize your screen and customize your favorites: this is a very interesting feature for a person that needs some needs more than others. On Capitec’s app, you are able to choose which sections and features are most important for you, so they will be put on the main screen for faster access;
  • Scan to pay: simply by putting your camera on a QR code, you are able to perform a payment. Simple and secure;
  • Notifications: you will be able to be instantly reported whether any money has gone in or out of your Capitec’s account;
  • Track your spending: an easy way to check out how you are spending the money that is inside your account;
  • Plan and manage your budget: it is very important for good financial management, to track down your earnings, savings, and spending. With the Capitec app, you can have a place where you are able to track down all of this on your phone.

A nice security feature: Virtual Card

This feature is worth dwelling on it: imagine that you are going to make a payment on a site, but somehow you want extra security, you can make a virtual card, which means it can be only used on this transaction. This way if there was any possibility of a scam with your card, this isn’t possible, since the virtual card is no more.

Is it worth having a bank app on your phone?

Many people still are still suspicious about the security of apps, especially bank apps. However, it is safe to say that apps are as safe as websites and network systems that banks might use.

Not only that, but with the number of features, the velocity with that you can solve most of your problems, and the practicality of having everything in the palm of your hand, definitely it is worth giving it a try on Capitec.

Are apps safer than websites? Find out now!

Some people think apps are safer than websites, some people think it is the opposite. Who is right? Check it out!

Remember when you used to get in line at the bank and wait countless hours to solve a simple issue? Well, with apps these aren’t problems anymore.

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