These 3 Tips Will Make Your Photos 80% Better on Instagram

If you want to take better pictures for your Instagram, check out these tips that will instantly improve your Instagram posts.


Images are the basic thing in any Instagram feature, more important than words most of the time. One of the ways that an image can be shown to people is through photography. A good photo on Instagram can be used in your feed, your story, or maybe even in a reel’s montage.

But have you already had the feeling that some photos aren’t just as good as they should be? Well, when you don’t understand some principles, it is hard to identify what are the photo’s flaws.

Thinking about this, here are 3 very simple tips that may help you to take amazing photos, that will make your Instagram followers and friends amazed.

#1 Light

No matter the main intention of the photo, there is no denying that light plays a major role in how your photography will be. A good light not only can make the photo more beautiful; it can change entirely the mood a photo passes.

When you are a beginner, the rule of thumb needs to be: you should take photos where the source of light is directly in front of you. This way, the little shadows that may appear on your face or in the objects you want to take photos of you drastically disappear. Therefore, your photo will be more nitid and “clean”, so to say.

When you begin to get more used to how to use the light, you will realize some angles that can create different moods, such as some shadows that will create a sense of mystery.

You can put your hand in front of you and move your body 360 degrees, so you will have a better idea of how the light is influencing the environment around you.

#2 Use the rule of squares

Most people think that if you want to highlight an object or a person in photography you should put it right in the middle right? Well… yes and no.

While it’s true that by doing this you can highlight something, there is a rule that will help highlight things in a more creative way: the rule of the squares.

Some cameras already have a filter, but this rule is very simple to understand. Take your frame and divide it into 3×3 squares, here’s the catch, you should put the object that demands more attention where the lines of these squares intersect each other.

With this technique, you will have many more ways to put an object or person highlighted, in places different than the middle of the lens.

#3 Keep it simple

Our “emotional brain” forms an opinion much more quickly than our “logical brain”, and the first one likes simple things. The more complicated the things, the more it dislikes them.

With this in mind, have you ever felt that the most beautiful of the phots are the ones that don’t have a lot of elements, which means a lot of things to “process”.

This is no coincidence, sometimes when we want to make a nice photo, we try to use as many elements as possible. Turns out this strategy has the opposite effect on what we want to do.

So next time you want to make fantastic photography, try to use as less elements as possible. Ask yourself: “What’s really important in this photo?”. Everything that is not important, take out of your lens.

These are very simple tricks, but when you start using them, you will feel an instant improvement in your pictures. So, take some time to try it the tips and experiment with some angles and ideas, now it’s up to you and your imagination.

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