Are apps safer than websites? Find out now!

Some people think apps are safer than websites, some people think it is the opposite. Who is right? Check it out!


For a long time, computers were the only way people were using to get to the internet. Even at that time, there were some security breaches, along with the creation of viruses by some people, that could make your internet navigation unsafe.

Nowadays, most people have smartphones instead of PCs and notebooks. However, if you ask those who still prefer to use computers than phones, they might answer: “Well, Websites are safer than apps, that is I prefer to keep old school”.

The question is: does this statement is really true? Are apps safer than websites? Let’s take a brief look and find out once and for all the answer to this question.

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What are websites most common to leak?

As said before, websites were used long before a phone app was even conceived. Because of that, we may see the websites as the father, and apps, as the son.

Like a father, websites have come a long way, and indeed some of their architectures are as safe, or even safer, than some app designs. However, the same can be said about viruses and Trojan designs.

So, taking that into consideration, it is safe to say that any kind of information can be leaked through a website.

 If we stop to think that hackers may have developed a way to leak in through almost any kind of information that you may pass on a website, including what you did during navigation or while inside a certain website.

Long story short, websites indeed may have some degrees of security, but this is completely necessary because they face more dangerous enemies than apps.

Does this mean that websites are safer than apps? Well…

What are apps more common to leaking?

Apps are purposefully designed to be lighter and to be used in less powerful hardware than a PC, like a cellphone.

It is paramount to say that if you put a computer and a Smartphone of the same caliber, side by side, a PC will be almost always more potent than a smartphone, there is no doubt about that.

This means that usually, security regarding apps is also lighter, but as said before, apps generally only ask for the information that they truly need, so there is less information to leak.

The problem is: that most of this information is precisely important information, like bank accounts, social security and Id numbers, Phone number, and things such as that. So, less kind of information is leaked through an app, but the intimacy of these apps is far greater.

After all, which of them is safer?

That’s the question that Northeastern researchers, led by assistant professor David Choffnes, asked in the research he made.

His conclusions were much like the ones we said here, while apps usually leak more private information, websites are more susceptible to different kinds of information leaks.

However, there was no way to truly crave a definite answer, since, given the characteristics of each one of them, the answer “It depends” might be the more accurate.

Does this mean we should stop using computers and Smartphones? Not at all. All the developers worldwide understand the importance of apps and website security, so day by day they look for better options regarding security.

It’s pretty much a cat and mouse game, but with such incredible security devices, like blockchains, we can say that the good guys are winning this fight.

The rule of thumb: keep your antivirus updated and be careful with some websites on the internet, and you may be fine.

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