Wanting to record a podcast? Check out these apps!

With this new format gaining popularity, of course there would be apps. Check out some options if you are planing on creating a podcast.


Podcasts are taking off as one of the most popular forms of content online. This is no surprise, as podcasts offer listeners a convenient way to consume content on the go.

If you’re thinking about starting your own podcast, you’re in luck. Nowadays, there are plenty of apps available that make podcast creation easy and fun.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing some of the best podcast creation apps on the market. Whether you’re looking for a simple way to record and edit your podcast, or you want a more comprehensive solution that includes hosting and distribution, there’s an app out there that will suit your needs.

Now, without further ado, let’s dive into some of these options.

Calm, one of the most famous meditations apps…

If you are talking about meditation and apps at the same tie, you probably will stumble into the Calm app. Check out this amazing feature.


The new iOS app from Riverside is the first of its kind to combine uploading with local audio/video recording.

Sending an invite link for the app will allow you to quickly start receiving HD video and high-quality audio feeds from users’ smartphones.

You surely understand the importance of having a transcript of your show if you produce podcasts.

 For podcasters who wish to appeal to a broad audience, a word-for-word transcript of the audio is essential. Your content should be as accessible as possible.

Fortunately, Riverside transforms podcasts and videos into text instantly, enabling you to post written recaps of your shows as well as search your recordings for notable phrases to use in other content channels.

There are many other amazing features, like an editor and live stream capabilities. Surely it’s an app to look out for.

Podbean Podcast App

This software, created by media hosting veterans Podbean, is mostly a listening and discovery tool, but it also includes some useful creation and publishing options.

The app allows users to create podcasts by recording their content, adding sound effects, and choosing music from a sizable selection or just importing their own.

The recording tools of the Podbean Podcast App make up for any editing and production shortcomings. Up to eight individuals can be recorded in multitrack, but each one must be logged in to the app for it to function.

Although recording is done “as live,” you can always pause and resume it. You may record guests, and co-hosts, and even take calls from listeners using Podbean Live.

Since Podbean is a media host, you can upload your episode directly to their site or download it for use elsewhere.


Anchor, like the other programs on our list, makes it very simple to start and publish a podcast. You can publish directly on their platform if you are a media host.

One of their selling points is the ability to incorporate Spotify music into your episodes. The tracks are inserted such that you can never talk over them or abbreviate them in any way, and your music presentation will only be available inside of Spotify.

Nevertheless, it’s a really fantastic tool for any wannabe DJs out there.

The editing features in Anchor have significantly improved in recent years, and you can now chop internally within your audio files. You can also mix in music from their library of transitions.

You may now submit video files to Anchor’s podcast hosting service to make video podcasts for Spotify.

If you’re a hobbyist who isn’t currently looking to spend any money, you might use it. If you’re going to begin a show by saying, “Let’s just see how this all works,” Or if you want to host a music-style program or video podcast (on Spotify only).

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