Apply at Truworths – Salaries range from an average of R 58 727 to R 571 163 a year

Truworths is a retail chain that relies on an amazing environment allied with a person-centric culture. Check out how to apply!


What do I need to know about the company?

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Popular South African apparel retailer Truworths has been in operation for more than 70 years.

Truworths has established a solid name as a top brand in the retail sector because of its dedication to offering premium goods and top-notch customer service.

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Good Salary Development

Good salaries and career development at Truworths!

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This post will go over how to apply for a job at Truworths, as well as the advantages of working there and the qualifications needed to succeed.

Additionally, we will give you insightful information about what it takes to join the Truworths team, whether you are a recent graduate or searching for a new job in the retail sector.

We will go through all the crucial details you need to know about working at Truworths, from the application procedure to the abilities you need to succeed.

So, let’s get to it!

What are the benefits of being a Truworths employee?

As a Truworths employee, you can anticipate receiving a variety of advantages and chances, such as:

Benefits and a competitive wage

Truworths is devoted to offering its employees perks, including medical assistance, retirement savings, and staff discounts on Truworths products, in addition to giving them a fair and competitive wage.

Career advancement possibilities

Truworths provides a variety of training and development initiatives aimed at assisting staff members in honing their abilities and advancing their careers within the business.

A favorable work environment

Truworths is dedicated to fostering an environment at work where people are appreciated, encouraged, and given chances to contribute to the success of the business.

Interesting and dynamic work

Truworths is a forward-thinking business that constantly innovates and changes, giving staff members the chance to work with fascinating products and clients.

Put the consumer first.

Excellent customer service is valued highly at Truworths; therefore, staff members who excel in it may be eligible for bonuses, incentives, or other rewards.

Strong company culture

Because Truworths supports diversity, teamwork, and teamwork, employees can anticipate working in a positive, interesting, and enjoyable workplace.

What are the skills needed to excel as a Truworths employee?

There are numerous abilities and traits that can be advantageous in various professions if one wants to succeed as a Truworths employee. Here are some essential abilities that can be useful in a variety of positions:

Consumer assistance

Truworths places a high priority on offering first-rate customer service, so it’s critical for staff to be able to communicate effectively and respond to client questions and complaints in an approachable and competent way.


Sales abilities are crucial for success at Truworths, whether you’re in a managerial position or working on the shop floor. This calls for a thorough knowledge of the goods being offered, the ability to recognize consumer demands, and the use of persuasion tactics to clinch deals.


Employees at Truworths should be able to work well with people, communicate properly, and be eager to share their knowledge and abilities with their coworkers because the company promotes collaboration and teamwork.


Truworths is no exception to the ongoing evolution of the retail sector.

For businesses to remain relevant and provide excellent client experiences, they must be able to adjust to changes in technology, business procedures, and customer expectations.

Time management

Truly capable staff should be able to prioritize projects, manage their time well, and achieve deadlines despite juggling various responsibilities.

In general, employees at Truworths can flourish by having a pleasant attitude, a willingness to learn, and a passion for fashion and customer service.

How is the application process at Truworths?


Job Application


Good Salary Development

Good salaries and career development at Truworths!

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Truworths normally has a multi-step application process for jobs.

Here’s a brief rundown of what to anticipate:

Web-based application

You should first go to Truworths’ website and look for open positions there. You can apply online through their careers page once you’ve found a position that matches your qualifications.


One could be required to complete an assessment if your application is chosen for further consideration. Psychometric tests or other evaluations that gauge your abilities and suitability for the job may be used in this process.


After that, you might receive an invitation to an interview if you make it through the evaluation round. Depending on the position and location, this can entail a face-to-face interview, a video interview, or a group interview.

Background check

If the interview goes well, Truworths might run a background check to confirm your employment history, references, and credentials.


After all these steps, if all goes well and you are selected as the hired applicant, you will be given the opportunity to talk with the hiring manager about specifics like the start date, pay, and benefits.

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