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One of the biggest short-term insurance providers in South Africa, Santam was established in 1918 and has its headquarters in Bellville, Western Cape.

They provide a variety of insurance products, such as business, personal, and specialty insurance.

Apply at Santam – More than R 10 000 per month…

Santam is an insurance company that has a lot of experience in the market and with people. Check out how to apply!

Additionally, they have a solid reputation for offering first-rate customer service and being a trustworthy and financially secure business.

Santam offers a variety of insurance products, such as;

  • Personal insurance includes policies for your vehicle, house, and liability.
  • Commercial insurance includes policies for commercial vehicles, business disruption, and professional liability.
  • Aviation insurance, maritime insurance, engineering insurance, etc. are examples of specialty insurance.

Furthermore, Santam is renowned for having a strong corporate social responsibility culture.

They have a number of projects and programs to support the community, including social welfare, health, and education.

Additionally, they place a high priority on environmental sustainability and have implemented a number of green programs.

Santam is a well-known and trustworthy insurance provider that provides a variety of insurance products to satisfy the demands of its clients. It also has a strong culture of CSR and environmental sustainability.

So, if you want to work for a company that has the experience and is laser-focused on people, you should keep reading and learn more about what it’s like to work at Santam!

What job opportunities can I find at Santam?

Given the size of Santam, there are probably many employment openings in a variety of areas and positions. The following are a few possible job openings at Santam:

  • Underwriting: To decide whether to accept or reject applications for coverage, underwriters analyze and evaluate the risk associated with insurance policies.
  • Claims: These specialists manage the evaluation and resolution of insurance claims, collaborating with policyholders to settle disagreements and guarantee that claims are resolved fairly and quickly.
  • Sales and marketing: Sales and marketing personnel work to advertise Santam’s goods and services and to develop bonds with both potential and current clients.
  • Customer service: these employees speak with clients to assist with questions about policies, claims, and other concerns.
  • Operations: the specialists that are in charge of managing and supervising regular corporate activities, including IT, finance, and administration.
  • Risk management: Experts in risk management assist the business in identifying, evaluating, and managing risks related to its operations and activities.
  • IT: IT specialists create, develop, and maintain the organization’s technological systems and infrastructure.
  • Human resources: HR specialists are responsible for the hiring, management, and retention of the workforce for the business.

Please be aware that job opportunities may not always be available based on the company’s current needs and goals; therefore, it is recommended to check the company’s career website or get in touch with them personally to learn about any current openings.

What is the average salary at Santam?

Santam pays its employees an average of R 365 826 annually, according to Payscale.

Santam employees make an average salary of R 162 128 to R 712 343 annually.

While the highest-paid profession is Java Developer, who earns an average salary of R 438 445, the lowest-paid profession is Sales Consultant, who earns an average salary of R 146 211.

It is important to note that this is not from official sources, and it is best to check with the company itself about the salary of the position they are offering.

What are the benefits offered by the company?

  • Health insurance: Santam may offer medical, dental, and vision insurance to employees and their families, as well as other types of health care.
  • Retirement benefits: To assist staff members in preparing for the future, Santam may provide a retirement savings plan, such as a 401(k) or pension plan.
  • Time off: Santam may grant its employees compensated time off, such as vacation days and sick days.
  • Employee assistance: Santam may provide confidential counseling and support through an employee assistance program.
  • Professional growth: Santam may offer possibilities for staff members to expand in their professions, including training courses, seminars, and conferences.
  • Work-life balance: To assist employees in balancing their professional and personal lives, several businesses also provide flexible working choices, such as telecommuting or flexible schedules.

How to apply at Santam?

Check out our next article where we take a look at how to apply at Santam!

Apply at Santam – More than R 10 000 per month…

Santam is an insurance company that has a lot of experience in the market and with people. Check out how to apply!

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