Apps for deaf and/or hearing loss people    

Hearing disabilities make some people's life more difficult. Luckily, we have selected some apps to help those who need them.


With the brink of technology, it is amazing what we can do in society. However, there are some situations that show a complete lack of trying to fit people that has some kind of disability, like deaf people.

Luckily, we have a lot of apps to help people with ear disabilities, so they can enjoy the most of what the world has to offer.

Let’s look at some of these apps.

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It’s common to believe that the greatest approach to communicating with deaf individuals is through written language.

Reading can be more challenging for those who were born deaf, especially when they were young because it’s not usually realized by the general public that learning to read entails matching how a word looks to how it sounds.

The Signly app was developed to give deaf or hearing-impaired people another way to comprehend textual or visual information. The Roald Dahl Museum in the UK was where the app was first utilized.

Visitors to the museum can view movies on their smartphones that provide sign language descriptions of the exhibits by pointing their phones toward the exhibits.

Additionally, Network Rail makes use of the app, and it has undergone testing with Lloyds Banking Group to provide deaf customers with more information on awareness-raising campaigns or leaflet content, for example.

Also, Signly offers an audio layer that is advantageous for those who are blind.


There are two choices in the well-known French app developed by Olivier Jeannel in 2013.

The first is the live transcription of phone calls in more than 100 different languages, as well as the option of voice synthesis for answering.

Anyone who has trouble speaking, is deaf, has hearing loss, or both can use the phone to call someone and receive a written text of what the other person is saying.

The application goes above and above by providing place calls with the assistance of trained LSF Interpreters and Graduated LPC Coders (in France only).

 Up to an hour of call-by-video interpretation, support is available in the free version.


For iOS and Android devices, Chatable is an app that lowers background noise and improves speech in challenging listening settings. The software functions similarly to a remote microphone.

You use a set of wired or Bluetooth headphones to listen when the phone is placed close to the person speaking.

The difference between the free and paid versions of the program is how much you can adjust the volume and degree of background noise.


One of the key reasons AVA was developed was because lip reading can be more difficult when there are more individuals around.

When a deaf or hearing-impaired person is among a group of friends, they can convince those friends to download the app so that the deaf or hearing-impaired person can read live transcriptions of the group conversation.

The phone’s microphone is used to record the speech, and the speaker’s name is shown on the screen before what they are saying.

Subtitle Viewer

The Subtitle Viewer software allows deaf and hard-of-hearing people to watch subtitles in several languages live on their phones by using the microphones of their devices. The subtitles are displayed in real-time as the text is highlighted.

The program syncs with cinema and television programming. If the movie showings are not captioned, there are other comparable applications on the market that can assist hearing-impaired people in your theaters.     

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