The life of an Amazon delivery worker

Being one the leading companies in the world, Amazon has many employers. How is the life of a delivery worker? Check out now!


Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world. Founded by Jeff Bezos in the 90s, what started as a book delivery company has become one of the greatest companies that used the internet to rise up.

One of Amazon’s most notable assets is the logistics that this company has created.

When you order something on Amazon, not only it is super simple to ask for virtually everything after the first time you make a buy, but also the speed at that your packages are delivered is pretty fast compared to its competitors.

As important as the delivery layout Amazon has created, the people in the workforce are also a significant part of the leverage Bezos’ company has.

From software people that allowed us to buy with only one click, to the people to work in the warehouses, and also the delivery workers.

These are precisely the people that we are going to talk about: the delivery workers.

How to become an Amazon Delivery Driver

Sometimes we want to make more money. Why not work for Amazon? Here is how you can apply to become an Amazon delivery driver.

The person we always enjoy seeing

Yes, we are talking about people who come on their vans (or Amazon’s ones, if you prefer), full of packages, that stop right in front of our houses, and well, let’s us very happy by delivering our packages.

But how does his day start?

Well, an amazon delivery worker’s day starts in one of the warehouses, where a container full of delivery packages is separated from everyone who makes the deliveries.

Most of the drivers will have about 15 minutes to load out an immense number of packages on the vans.

 All the packages have a code, so the driver tries to organize the back of the vehicle with the packages in a certain order, so they can be delivered quickly.

Most drivers say that, if you mess up your order, your tight logistics and shift will already be a mess.

If you take too much time organizing your van, people in the warehouse begin to get nervous, mainly not because of the time it needs to organize many things, but because Amazon demands that it doesn’t take long periods of time.

In cases like this, help from other fellows’ employees is welcoming.

After the van is loaded, it’s time to start a 10-hour delivery routine to different places in the city. As said before, every package has a code, which indicates what and where it needs to be delivered.

How Amazon delivery feels regarding their works.

Like many things in the order, being an Amazon delivery worker has its pros and cons.

First of all, the work is relatively simple, it doesn’t require any technical or deep education, and the payment is not so bad, Amazon pays double the minimum wage for their workers.

The real problem is: that this work doesn’t seem to be worth it for several Amazon employees.

Sometimes a worker needs to deliver hundreds of packages in only one day, which makes them need to deliver packages in less than 5 minutes, putting this on a 10-hour shift seems like a very tough quest.

Another thing is the cameras that Amazon installed in every van of hers. While they are claiming is for the driver’s safety, many accused of this being an excuse to Amazon keep even more vigilance on the people and tighten the reins even more.

Even Jeff Bezos admits that working as a delivery worker is not an easy task, and everybody who applies for the job is aware, but when many people only work for a month in the same place and gets out claiming “I can’t take it anymore”

So, we need to question: Productivity is very important for a big company, but how much is enough? And if a company as big as Amazon is doing this, what kind of example does it give?

How to become an Amazon Delivery Driver

Sometimes we want to make more money. Why not work for Amazon? Here is how you can apply to become an Amazon delivery driver.

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