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Fans rank the worst stadiums in college football

An old, neglected, and uncomfortable stadium can frustrate the experience of being the game in person. See the stadiums on the list.


More than in any other country, football is a national passion in America. The NFL playoffs are capable of bringing the country to a standstill; an explosion of hormones and energy surrounds the decisive matches, which look more like a simulacrum of a pitched battle. A form of modern warfare without death. We enjoy watching it because in the game human beings can pour all their energy into their desire to win.

The atmosphere of excitement on game day, the preparation for going to the stadium with friends, the grandeur of the place, the crowds of people, and the vibe before the game is about to begin, all can make a football match a unique experience.

And then the game itself takes place. Every fan watches the players’ passes and moves as if his or her life depended on it.

However, there is one thing that can hinder this experience: a stadium in poor condition. An old, neglected, and uncomfortable stadium can frustrate the experience of being at the game in person and even make the fan not want to come anymore. Some college stadiums, where many of these games take place, fall short of the fans’ desires. Some of these stadiums are listed below because they are often considered to be negative aspects of the experience.

Let’s look at the list.

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Vanderbilt Stadium

It is located in Nashville, Tennessee. It has a total capacity of 40,550 spectators and is home to the Vanderbilt Commodores. One of the most expensive private universities in the United States, with a beautiful campus, it doesn’t have a proper stadium to receive its visitors. The stadium built in 1922 is ugly and does not attract even half of its capacity of fans for games.

Aloha Stadium

Off the mainland, Aloha Stadium is located in Honolulu County, Hawaii. It is the largest stadium in the state of Hawaii. It is used by the University of Hawaii for the games of its football team, the Warriors. Despite the 2016 renovation, fans have not seen many improvements. They still report urgent renovation needs.

Alamodome Stadium

The Alamodome is a multi-purpose stadium located in San Antonio, Texas. The stadium has a total capacity of 64,000 fans for football games. A stadium that is only 25 years old cannot complete its capacity of 64,000 fans. Even in big games, you can see that at least 1/3 of the stadium is empty. This lack of spectators detracts from the excitement of the game.

Rynearson Stadium

The Rynearson Stadium is located in Ypsilanti, Michigan. It has a total capacity of 30,200 people and is home to the Eastern Michigan Eagles football team. Rynearson used to be packed for Eagles games, but those days are long gone. Now, Eastern Michigan is lucky to get its stadium two-thirds full, even for big rivalry games.

CEFCU Stadium

The CEFCU Stadium is located in San Jose, California. It seats a total of 30,456 spectators. It is currently home to the San Jose State Spartans of San Jose State University. Since their neighbors include some of the top companies in Silicon Valley, you might assume that the Spartans play in a palace. Instead, their stadium is tired, to say the least. It has a couple of dozen reviews on Yelp and earns only three stars because it’s old and small, as you can see below.

Malone Stadium

JPS Field at Malone Stadium is located in Monroe, Louisiana. It seats a total of 27.617 spectators and it’s home to the Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks football team. The 40-year-old JPS Field at Malone Stadium is in rough shape, even after recent renovations to the scoreboard, playing field, and exterior buildings. The Warhawks have the unfortunate combination of a small fan base and a stadium that’s badly in need of a facelift.

The Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium

This stadium is located in Memphis, Tennessee. It has a total capacity of 62,380 people, it is home to the Memphis Tigers football team. Seeing the place half empty only accentuates all the evidence that the place is old. For a typical game, Memphis pulls in less than half of the stadium’s capacity, and that is being generous.

Rice Stadium

It is located on the Rice University campus in Houston, Texas. The site has been home to the Rice Owls football team since 1950. The Rice Owls play in a 47,000-seat stadium — which is often half empty. That makes for a game-day experience that isn’t great. Fans yearn for an upgrade to have the amenities of the most modern stadiums.

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