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The 10 Least Reliable Cars in 2022, Ranked

If you insist on buying one of these cars, good luck. Here is a list of the least reliable cars you can buy.


“Yes… my new car is in shop for repairs.”

When it comes to cars, there are many aspects that are considered relevant by consumers at the time of purchase. In fact, they can vary quite a bit – comfort, interior space, performance, design, fuel efficiency… take your pick. However, if there is one factor that can be considered non-negotiable by virtually all consumers, it is reliability. And especially when we talk about the consumer who chooses to buy a brand-new car precisely thinking about avoiding car-related complications.

No matter the model, SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle), minivan, or pickup truck, if the car is not reliable, the driver will have a frustrating experience in the medium term and the purchase will be considered a bad one.

But how could we define what a reliable car is? According to Consumer Reports, the reliability ratings show how well vehicles have held up and the odds that an owner could be inconvenienced by problems and repairs. And owner satisfaction reveals if a vehicle met expectations.

A Consumer Reports survey pointed out the 10 least reliable cars of 2022. These cars can obviously be on the list for different reasons “…from nuisances—such as squeaky brakes and broken interior trim—to major bummers, such as out-of-warranty transmission repairs and trouble with four-wheel-drive systems” etc., but in common the fact that they all fall short in terms of reliability.

Below you will see the list of these 10 cars and why each one made it onto the list. So if you insist on buying one of these cars, good luck, but don’t be surprised if it breaks down and has to be repaired within a matter of a few months after you’ve bought it.

These are the 10 cars with the greatest risk of problems, according to Consumer Reports’ exclusive Annual Auto Surveys:

10. Subaru Ascent – Consumer Reports’ reliability score: 18

Trouble spots: Transmission, power equipment, brakes, in-car electronics, climate system.

Price: $37,295 – $51,795

Fuel consumption: 9.0 – 11.7 L/100km

9. Chrysler Pacifica – Consumer Reports’ reliability score: 18

Trouble spots: Transmission, power equipment, drive system, engine.

Price: $50,595 – $69,795

Fuel consumption: 7.9 – 14.1 L/100km

8. Tesla Model Y – Consumer Reports’ reliability score: 18

Trouble spots: Body hardware, paint & trim, climate system, noises & leaks.

Price: $85,000 – $90,000

Fuel consumption: N/A

7. Volkswagen Tiguan – Consumer Reports’ reliability score: 17

Trouble spots: Brakes, noises & leaks, drive system, power equipment.

Price: $33,695 – $44,495

Fuel consumption: 8.0 – 11.0 L/100km

6. Volvo XC90 – Consumer Reports’ reliability score: 17              

Trouble spots: Brakes, climate system, body hardware, drive system.

Price: $65,200 – $90,000

Fuel consumption: 8.3 – 87.0 L/100km

5. Chevrolet Corvette – Consumer Reports’ reliability score: 13

Trouble spots: Engine, transmission, drive system, paint & trim.

Price: $70,998 – $95,998

Fuel consumption: 8.7 – 15.4 L/100km

*Awards: Best Luxury Sport Car Of 2022

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4. Chevrolet Silverado – Consumer Reports’ reliability score: 11

Trouble spots: Engine, drive system, transmission, power equipment, in-car electronics.

Price: $32,648 – $70,643

Fuel consumption: 7.2 – 16.3 L/100km

3. Ford Mustang – Consumer Reports’ reliability score: 9

Trouble spots: Steering/suspension, transmission, power equipment, brakes, drive system, in-car electronics.

Price: $32,295 – $102,145

Fuel consumption: 7.4 – 19.9 L/100km

*Awards: Best Sport Car Of 2022

2. Ford Explorer – Consumer Reports’ reliability score: 8

Trouble spots: Transmission, power equipment, in-car electronics, drive system, noises & leaks.

Price: $47,799 – $66,759

Fuel consumption: 8.6 – 13.4 L/100km

1. Mercedes-Benz GLE – Consumer Reports’ reliability score: 5

Trouble spots: Power equipment, climate system, engine, in-car electronics, noises & leaks.

Price: $73,600 – $99,900

Fuel Consumption: 8.9 – 13.6 L/100km

This information is useful not only for anyone looking to buy a new car, but also for those thinking about buying a used one, so they don’t decide on one model over another based solely on its age.

About the author  /  Marcelo Lopes


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