Would you like to have some board games on your phone? Take a look at these apps

This long-forgotten art is still alive and well, thank you! This is a list of some of the best board game apps you can have on your phone.


For those who may be new, a board game is a game that is not played on your phone or PC, but you gather your friends (in flesh and blood) for a game that has its own rules on a board designed for this.

So, if you want to know what is a board game or is if a fellow friend misses some board games, here are some apps that help to emulate a little of the emotion of playing a board game.

Apps to help you create some free time on your day

If you think your day is too short, perhaps you need to take a look at this. Here are some apps to help you get some free time.

Catan Universe

It is worthwhile to download Catan in mobile format because it is frequently regarded as the bridge between traditional board games (like Monopoly and Risk) and contemporary board games.

This should be your first stop if you want to introduce your friends to the pastime of board gaming.

Both Android and iPhone users can download Catan Universe. It covers both the classic Catan board game and the newer two-player card game variation.

Although the base game is free to play, in-app purchases are required to access all of the game’s features.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, one of the greatest Euro games ever, is a high-strategy game with little chance or randomness.

Planting crops, building structures, shipping items for cash or points, and hiring colonists symbolized by… (squinting) small brown tokens are all part of expanding a colony. (That also holds true for the actual game.)

It’s a traditional “engine builder,” where you arrange objects in your space to produce stuff each round, primarily by exchanging products for points that you can ship, which is the best course of action unless everyone else adopts it as well.

Available only on iOS.

Raiders of the North Sea

Players in Raiders of the North Sea put together a crew and rig a longboat in order to raid communities in search of riches and renown.

 You must put in the effort to win over your Chieftain in a great battle and earn your spot among the North Sea legends!

One of our favorite board games is Raiders of the North Sea, and we think the app version faithfully and accurately recreates the actual form of the game. The visuals, animations, and transitions are incredibly fluid and engaging, and the gameplay is excellent.

 The app’s creators performed a truly fantastic job.


In the imaginative murder mystery game Mysterium, one player assumes the role of a ghost who uses images to communicate with a group of psychic investigators (the other players) in order to assist them to identify the murderer, where the crime took place, and what kind of weapon was used.

It’s far more enjoyable than it appears on paper! Additionally, the mobile app allows users of cellphones, tablets, and PCs to play simultaneously online with up to seven other players.

 Do you want to play alone? A solo mode with AI companions is also available.


In the Tokaido digital adaption, you play a traveler who is traversing the fabled East Sea Road from Kyoto to Edo in the heart of ancient Japan while attempting to make the journey as fulfilling as possible.

Discover the most stunning landscapes, sample a variety of cuisines, collect valuable and unique souvenirs, have a hot spring bath, visit a temple, and interact with other visitors…

Tokaido is a spiritual rite of passage that involves quiet, introspective walking

But don’t let the journey’s seeming tranquility mislead you—if you want to triumph, you’ll need to outsmart your rivals in terms of strategy!

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