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Toys R Us - R 234 067 per year is the average salary


Working at Toys R Us can give you a special chance to work in a fast-paced, dynamic workplace, hone your sales and customer service skills, and get exposure in the retail sector. The business also provides competitive compensation, benefits, and chances for job growth. Make an impact in the lives of children and families by joining the Toys R Us staff!


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Toys R Us is dedicated to providing kids of all ages with a huge selection of toys, games, and other plaything necessities. You would play a crucial part in ensuring that the company's goal of giving consumers a fun and secure purchasing experience is achieved as an employee. Check out our full review on how it is to work there, and if you want more information, you can learn how to apply right away!

Good Salary
Health Insurance
Paid time off
Employee discounts

You will remain in the same website

The skills required differ based on the job you're looking for, but some standard credentials include effective interpersonal and communication skills, an optimistic outlook, and pertinent expertise in customer service or shopping.

Yes, Toys R Us welcomes applications from people of all ethnicities and is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace. They also have policies and initiatives in place to encourage diversity and inclusion in their hiring and job practices.

Yes, Toys R Us offers comprehensive training programs for new employees to aid in their acquisition of the skills and knowledge required for success in their roles.

Toys R Us values cooperation, teamwork, and client care and makes an effort to provide its workers with a positive work atmosphere. Since it is a company focused on children, they find very important to keep a cheerful environment!

The clothing code for Toys R Us workers may vary depending on the specific job and store location. Generally speaking, employees should dress neatly, professionally, and in clothing appropriate for a shop setting. This may require dressing in company-provided attire or adhering to a specific dress code guideline. It's a good idea to always inquire about the specific dress code standards for your position from your supervisor or an HR representative. Better safe than sorry!

If you want to take a look at another company that can help you give your first steps, and at the same, you can improve your sales and interpersonal skills, BUCO can be an outstanding option!

Not only you will have the opportunity to develop yourself and have a lot of benefits, but also you will have the chance to work for one of the most renowned companies in the country!

Becoming a BUCO employee – Development and....

BUCO is a leading retail company in construction and hardware, with years of experience, working there can be a development opportunity!

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