These Are the Most Used Apps by Women

Looking for some apps that can help your life be easier? Here are some of the most used apps for women, and why they are so popular.


Different people tend to have different issues. However, some of these necessities are defined by our routines and daily needs. There are some needs that usually most affect men and others that affect women. Regardless of your gender, technology is here to help and please us all, especially with apps.

Here are some apps that are most used by women because of what they do and what problem/necessity helps some feminine problems.

1- Clue Period and ovulation tracker

This app is not just a regular period tracker. The skin changes and the chemical “bomb” that is liberated in the woman’s body during this period can drastically alter the course of a woman’s day. This affects not only the body, but their minds end emotions as well.

That’s why this app not only allows you to keep track of your period but also provides scientific-based health tips, so you can pass through it in a healthier way.

It also set reminders on some period moments, so the woman can catch up on her period.

2- Hey!VINA

This app is more of a “tinder-like” but focused on women and not in love but in friendship above all.

Here those who register can make a profile where they talk about their passions, hobbies, what they enjoy doing, and what kind of people they are looking to know better.

This way, Hey!VINA is an app used by women who want to make new female friends, because we know there is no better support, be it in a good moment or in a bad moment, than a good group of friends who cares can provide for ourselves.

3- Sephora

If you’re the kind of woman who likes to find amazing, yet affordable makeup and wants to have their makeup purchases delivered at home, but not only that, Sephora is the best option for you.

This app is helpful if want to go out shopping but already want to know where the best prices are.

The icing on the cake? Sephora also gives a bunch of tips about makeup and skincare, so you can feel more and more empowered, and if that’s not good enough, you can get in touch with some of the app’s makeup experts!

4- Diaro

Having a dairy was considered a “girl’s thing” for a long time, and although science already deciphered that having a dairy is beneficial to every person, it is culturally a hobby for the feminine public.

That’s why Diaro is an app most used for women, but not only that, this app allows you to synch you account in many places: your computer, your laptop, and your phone.

With this kind of feature, a person can write down everywhere, anytime, their feelings, impressions, and inspirations the moment it hits you.

Diaro not only retired the diary made of paper, but allowed the user to write it more freely, and with more safety since only the user is able to read what is in the diary.

Not only that, Diaro provides the user the ability to attach images to the entries and a research bar that allows you to find your notes in an easy and fast way.

Technology is nothing if it doesn’t help to make people’s life easier. These apps’ trump lies on the fact that it helps in some of the most common feminine matter and problems, but not only that, it also solves most of these problems in a very simple and intuitive way.

Solving a common problem with simplicity is the recipe for a popular app, and that’s exactly why these are one of the most used apps by women.

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