How to apply at Sasol – R 167 844 to R 1 034 990 a year can be your annual salary range

Sasol is a company that has a history and operates in many countries. This means an excellent opportunity to be well paid!


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Founded in 1950, Sasol is a South African energy and chemical corporation. It specializes in converting coal and natural gas into synthetic fuels and chemicals.

The corporation has operations in more than 30 nations and is well-known in the energy industry, particularly in Southern Africa.

Diesel, gasoline, jet fuel, and chemicals like ethylene and propylene are a few of Sasol’s well-known goods.

The business has also made investments in clean energy sources, including wind and solar energy.

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However, if there is some information you need to check out, don’t worry! Keep reading our article, learn more about the application process, and get more intel!

What are the benefits of working at Sasol?

Competitive compensation plans

Sasol provides its employees with competitive compensation packages that take into account industry norms and the local cost of living.

Furthermore, Sasol offers performance-based incentives in addition to basic pay to recognize employees for their contributions to the business.

Wellness initiatives and health insurance

The company offers comprehensive health insurance to all of its employees and dependents, which can cover prescription drugs, hospital stays, and medical costs. In order to encourage healthy living, the organization also provides wellness initiatives like on-site workout centers and wellness classes.

Pension Benefits and Retirement Plans

Sasol provides pension benefits and retirement savings schemes to assist employees in making preparations for their future financial security.

Also, a retirement savings plan may allow employees to make contributions and, in some situations, may also allow the employer to do so.

Accident and life insurance coverage

Sasol offers financial security in the event of death or injury by providing life insurance and accident coverage to its employees and their dependents.

Training and Career Development Possibilities

The organization is dedicated to fostering professional development among its staff members.

To aid employees in developing their skills and expertise, the organization provides a variety of training and development programs, mentorship opportunities, and job rotations.

What qualifications and skills do I need to be a good Sasol employee?

Typically, in order to succeed at Sasol, one must possess the following:

Education and experience that are pertinent

You could need a particular educational background, such as a degree in engineering, science, finance, or another comparable profession, depending on the position for which you are seeking.

Specialized knowledge and abilities

Being that Sasol is a technologically oriented organization, it’s possible that you’ll need to have particular technical talents pertaining to your position, such as project management, process engineering, or data analysis expertise.

Strong interpersonal and communication skills

Strong interpersonal and communication skills are crucial because Sasol emphasizes successful teamwork. You should be able to collaborate successfully with others and communicate clearly with clients, partners, and coworkers.

Flexibility and capacity to change

Sasol operates in a dynamic environment, so you should be able to deal with change and be adaptable in new circumstances.

Safety-conscious attitude

Being committed to following safety procedures and having a safety-oriented mindset are crucial because safety is Sasol’s top concern.

Observation of details

Particularly in workplaces that are regulated and safety-critical, Sasol expects its staff to be attentive and pay attention to detail.

Customer-centered strategy

Understanding customer needs and providing high-quality services is crucial because Sasol values a customer-focused approach.

These are a few of the attributes and abilities that Sasol looks for when recruiting for its workforce. Depending on the position and region, the particular needs might change, and Sasol might take other things into account.

How is the application process at Sasol?


Job application


Development Well-being

Look for any open positions at Sasol!

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The following steps are commonly included in the Sasol application process:

  • Search for open openings and submit an online application: You can look for open positions on the Sasol careers website.
  • Application screening: Sasol will examine your application and decide if you are a good fit for the position based on your credentials, expertise, and experience.
  • Initial phone or video interview: If your application is accepted, a Sasol representative may contact you to schedule an initial phone or video interview. This is a chance for you to tell the firm more about yourself and for the company to learn more about you.
  • Interview in-person or on-site: If your application is successful, you may be asked to participate in an in-person or on-site interview. This may entail attending a meeting with a group of Sasol officials and completing tests or assignments pertinent to the position.
  • Background investigation and reference checking: If you accept a job offer, Sasol may research your background and contact references before extending a formal offer.
  • Job offer: Sasol will make a job offer if all necessary processes are accomplished successfully.

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