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Standard Bank Platinum Credit Card might be the lender that you need!

Standard Bank Platinum - Have a dedicated private Banker for you!


For those with substantial incomes, the Standard Bank Platinum Credit Card is a prestigious black card with unmatched features. It guarantees individualized financial assistance with a cheaper monthly charge and a dedicated private banker. While lifestyle advantages provide discounts on shopping and exclusive access to unique experiences across the world, travel incentives include savings on flights and car rentals.


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Secure online transactions and comprehensive insurance coverage increase its allure. The credit card is still a popular option for specialized financial services. The Standard Bank Platinum Credit Card is the pinnacle of opulent banking for people wanting grandeur, convenience, and elite benefits. Check out our article regarding a full review of the card, if you need more information, and if you are already convinced, you can learn how to apply for it right away!

Dedicated Private Banker
Travel Benefits
Lifestyle rewards
Insurance Coverage

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The Standard Bank Platinum Credit Card has a R108.00 monthly service charge.

The Platinum Credit Card has a credit limit that can reach R250,000.00.

Yes, 3% of the remaining balance on the credit card is the minimum payment due each month.

Up to 55 days of interest-free credit are available to you if you pay off your account in full each month.

Discounts on Emirates flights, access to Priceless Cities experiences, foreign Avis car rentals, and more are all available with the Platinum Credit Card.

If you want to look at other options tailored for those with more income, check out the Woolworths Black Credit Card as well!

They have Global acceptance and Free Delivery, and you can earn up to 3% Cashback on all Woolies' purchases. Check it out!

Woolworths Black Credit Card Full review!

If you make a lot of income and want to have a different treatment at Woolies, you should definitely consider this Credit Card!

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