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Discover the best apps to control anxiety and improve your quality of life and health. Relax, take a deep breath and sleep well!


People who suffer from anxiety have become increasingly common, especially these days, when the busy routine and long hours of work end up causing more and more stress.

Anxiety symptoms directly affect our quality of life, disrupting our sleep, routine, activities, work and much more.

In this scenario, anxiety apps can be a great ally to alleviate symptoms. They are efficient tools, able to make you reconnect with your mind and control your thoughts, eliminating the feelings of anxiety.

So, find out about these apps that can help you monitor anxiety for free.

Apps to controll anxiety

5 Apps to help manage anxiety for free

1.    Calm

The Calm app has a free version that offers its users different timed meditation options and several other features, such as sleep and Breathe Bubble.

In addition, it is possible to select different scenes that reproduce the sound of nature, such as rain, sea or birds, which can also be used in guided or unguided meditation.

If you opt for the premium subscription, for $69.99 a year, you get access to other features like a library of over 120 sleep stories, focus songs, expert masterclasses, and more.

2.    Inside Timmer

The Inside Timmer app is one of the most used meditation apps. That’s because the app offers guided meditations and lectures given by experts around the world on mindfulness meditation, with neuroscientists, psychologists and more.

The app offers more than 1,500 anxiety meditations for free, a playlist of more than 400 anxiety-specific songs, and more than 200 talks on the subject.

Daily meditation helps relieve anxiety symptoms, offering a moment of peace, tranquility and reconnection. App users can save their favorite meditations and, if they want to listen to them offline, they can upgrade to the premium plan for $9.99 a month.

3.    iBreathe

The iBreathe app is yet another great option for anyone struggling with anxiety and looking for ways to relax. With a simple and beautiful interface, it’s great for beginners who have just started on this journey.

The app quickly syncs and starts breathing exercises, great for anxious frames. In addition, it is possible to customize reminders to be sent throughout the day and other specific settings to manage anxiety and stress.

iBreathe has over 9,000 user reviews and a 4.9 star rating, which indicates the great quality of the app.

4.    Tide

Tide is a free app that aims to help its users sleep better, reducing stress and anxiety. It has a unique alarm feature for a smoother and more peaceful wake-up call.

A bad night’s sleep or interrupted sleep is directly related to increased anxiety throughout the day. The app is available for iPhone, Android and Chrome and is an excellent tool to help your mental health.

With available resources, you will be able to slow down and have moments of peace and tranquility. In addition, the app analyzes your sleep, provides soothing sounds to use as an alarm clock, snooze mode and nature sounds.

5.    Headspace: Apps to help manage anxiety

Headspace is an app with a lot of amazing features to help improve anxiety. It features stress-relieving topics about politics, death, aging and work anxiety, and more.

The main purpose of the Headspace app is to improve people’s health and bring more calm and happiness to everyone’s lives. It already has millions of users around the world and has increasingly improved people’s lives.

The free version of the app gives you access to hundreds of guided meditations aimed at improving stress, anxiety and sleep. You can also opt for shorter meditations, especially ideal for beginners, or longer meditations, for those who already have experience in the practice.

Everything is done under the expert guidance of former monk and co-founder of Headspace Andy Puddicombe.

If you’re interested in using even more features of the app, you can upgrade your subscription for $12.99 a month or $69.99 a year, and you can cancel at any time.

It is important to emphasize that anxiety is a serious thing, which requires professional follow-up for treatment. So, if you have anxious symptoms, look for a doctor for a deeper evaluation.

However, apps that help manage anxiety and relieve symptoms throughout the day are excellent tools that can even complement treatment, improving quality of life and promoting health.

With the tips of the best apps to help manage anxiety, you can choose the one that best fits your profile and meets your needs.

Remember that meditation takes practice and consistency and at first it can be a little more difficult, but don’t give up!

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