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From its modest beginnings as a grain inspection house on Rouen's ports in the 1870s to its current position as the top testing, inspection, and certification organization in the world. Innovation, knowledge, and the desire to allow a better, safer, and more interconnected world are what have propelled SGS's evolution. It is an excellent job position if you are the kind of person who wants challenges in a company that keeps getting better and better!

With that said, a job at SGS can be a tremendous opportunity to work at a big company and at the same time, one that is a benchmark in its area of expertise! Take a look at our full review, and if you want to, check out our “How to apply” article for more intel!

Competitive salary and bonus structure
Medical aid and retirement fund
Vacation and leave time
Training and professional development opportunities

Depending on the particular position you are looking for, different qualifications may be needed for employment at SGS. However, a bachelor's degree or higher in a related subject, such as science, engineering, or business, is necessary for many roles at SGS. It could also be necessary to have credentials and relevant industry experience.

In order to be hired by SGS, candidates must normally submit an online application, attend an interview, and maybe pass a skills evaluation test. Depending on the position and area you're applying for, the procedure may change.

Yes, SGS is a sizable, expanding business that emphasizes the professional growth of its workers. Many SGS employees have the chance to advance within the organization, whether through promotions or assuming new tasks.

The precise job you play at SGS will determine the hours you work. However, SGS typically provides flexible working hours, a variety of perks, such as medical insurance, a retirement fund, vacation days, and sick time.

Large and well-known both in South Africa and internationally, SGS is a business. Numerous workers have praised SGS for their excellent work environments, prospects for promotion, and lucrative compensation packages. The experience can, however, differ depending on the particular role and location, just like with any organization.

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