Quit drinking is hard, but these apps can help you out

It is not a sigh of weakness to look for help. In this article, let's look at some apps that can help you if you have a drinking problem.


With the pandemic, many people created some kind of anxiety, that became a welcoming door for many addictions. Among them, there is drinking.

So, today, if you want to stop and quit drinking too much, we are going to be looking at some apps that can help you with the task, so you will feel you are not alone in this journey.

Apps for writing: check these out!

A so much used art that became banalized, but it shouldn't be. Check out some apps if you want to be a better writer!


The sobriety app offers people daily encouragement to live and appreciate their sobriety.

With articles about it in Forbes, Today, the New York Times, and People, Loosid is creating a stir by giving its users access to a sober community that gives them a chance to stay in touch when things are unclear.

 In order to converse with people who have gone through comparable experiences, members can send each other private messages and engage in daily discussion forums.

The sobriety tracker in the app is designed for people who want to learn more about living a sober lifestyle.

 It is a recovery app made to help each person attain new milestones, regardless of whether they are interested, new to the recovery process, or have been in long-term recovery.

I am sober

One of the most widely used applications for quitting drinking is called I Am Sober.

 It enables you to keep tabs on your development and financial savings down to the second. Additionally, it has a milestone tracker, a timeframe for withdrawal, and the choice to publish your sober narrative if you so desire.

Although I Am Sober is free to use, Sober Plus offers premium features including group creation, monitoring other addictions, and community connections.

Sober Grid

People who wish to become sober or who are recovering from alcohol use disorder (AUD) can connect with others who are also committed to sobriety through Sober Grid.

Some people sign up for the app to ask for support, while others sign up to offer support.

By choosing the “Burning Desire” option, a person can access the online community of Sober Grid for help if they need to talk to someone right immediately. Because Sober Grid connects individuals locally and globally, users can even make friends while traveling.

People can contribute their ideas, observations, struggles, and victories relating to addiction recovery and sobriety on the Sober Grid newsfeed.

Sober Grid is available for free download, however in-app memberships are optional.

12 steps AA companion

Alcoholics Anonymous attendees can get the 12 Steps AA Companion for for $1.99 with no further in-app purchases.

Members of Alcoholics Anonymous have the option to study chapters at their own pace and have access to helpful tools to track progress thanks to the comprehensive tool.

A sobriety calculator and the option to share sobriety trackers with reliable pals are also included in the app.

The 12-Steps book has 164 pages and more than 60 stories to provide inspiration and direction for those in recovery.

An easy-to-use search feature is included in the revised edition, allowing you to quickly find certain details for more explanation and direction.

Twenty-Four hours a day

An app called Twenty-Four Hours a Day was created based on Richmond Walker’s self-help book of the same name.

The software provides users with access to 366 daily meditations that could aid in helping them concentrate on the 12-step program used by organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous.

Daily messages that people can share are displayed when they swipe back and forth. Additionally, people can save their preferred meditations for quick access.

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