Security Officer Worker review – Earn R5,542 per month on average!

Being a security guard is a relatively simple and peaceful job, and the flexibility of which can be welcoming! Check out our review!


A more plural job than you initially thought about!

A safer job than it looks! Source: Google Images

The protection of people and property is greatly aided by security personnel.

A career as a security officer can be a fantastic choice for people who are enthusiastic about protecting others, are interested in law enforcement, and love having a physically demanding and interesting job.

Become a security officer – Earn R5,542 per month

If you need a job that gives you flexibility and good pay, you should learn how to become a security officer!

Understanding the pros and cons of this field before deciding to pursue a career there will help you decide whether it’s the correct choice for you.

With that said, a security officer is in charge of keeping an eye on a certain area and making sure that everything is safe.

These experts actively look for conditions that pose a concern as well as respond to emergencies and aid requests every day.

Further, the kind of company, building, or facility they work at will determine their daily schedule, but wherever they are employed, they may anticipate completing a number of jobs during their shift.

Security guards are taught to follow a procedure created by law enforcement organizations, and they must be prepared to administer first aid when required.

Also, they might also be compelled to carry weapons while doing their duties, thus it’s critical that they understand safe firearm handling.

You must be completely aware of what is required of you while on duty if you want to safeguard yourself, your coworkers, and your employer.

Although the security guard code of conduct is not a legally binding document, most employers will include an ethical provision in employment contracts requiring that they operate honestly and fairly at all times.

This applies to both on-the-job behavior and off-the-job behavior.

What job opportunities can you find as a security officer?

As a security officer, you can choose from a number of paths and options that suit you best, here are just a few of those options.

If you are thinking about becoming a security officer, you should carefully look at these areas, to make sure you are where you feel more comfortable.

  • Screener
  • Security Guard
  • Surveillance Officer
  • Patrol Officer   
  • Security Escort
  • Security Officer
  • Security Manager           
  • Security Specialist
  • Security Consultant
  • Security Analyst
  • Security Engineer.

What is the average salary of a security officer?

For someone who is just starting out in their career or is transitioning back into the workforce, working as a security guard might be a terrific first job. Security guards are employed by many businesses and are paid on an hourly basis.

The pay you can expect as a security guard largely depends on your level of experience and the location of your employment. In South Africa, a security guard makes an average monthly income of R5,542.

What are the benefits of becoming a security officer?

Since this is a job that you can find almost everywhere, it is kind of complicated to compile the benefits you will find in all of these jobs.

So, we are going to present most of the pros you can find as a security officer:

Flexible working hours

The opportunity to set their own hours or work a variable number of days per week is available to many security employees.

For instance, security guards who operate as independent contractors are free to select the clients and jobs they want to work for.

This enables individuals to work the schedule and hours that suit them the most.

Little to no formal education

Most often, security guards can begin their employment with little to no formal education.

Although a high school diploma or its equivalent is typically required, security guards don’t frequently need a college degree.

Many security guards receive on-the-job training that includes instruction in emergency response, crisis management, criminal detention, and crime scene protocols.

Physically engaging

If you want to move around during the workday, security work may be a fantastic fit for you since some of the professions involve physical exercise.

Patrolling, observing, and conducting investigations require active engagement and mobility.

How to apply and become a security officer?

If you’re interested, you can check out our next article and learn how to apply to become a security officer!

Become a security officer – Earn R5,542 per month

If you need a job that gives you flexibility and good pay, you should learn how to become a security officer!

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