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Sasol - Where salaries can range an average of R 167 844 to R 1 034 990 a year!


Do you want to work in a large multinational? You should definitely be taking a look at Sasol. As such a big company, Sasol offers stability, good salaries, and many insurances, all that you can receive from a company of a big caliber!


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With that said, Sasol can be an excellent place to work, if you match what it needs to work with them. In order to get more information on how to apply, take a look at our article, which will have everything you need to know!

Good Salary
Retirement plans
Assistance to Career development

You will remain in the same website

Sasol has an inclusive and diverse workplace culture that prioritizes teamwork, innovation, and safety. The business encourages its staff to contribute to a fun and energetic work environment and to keep improving their knowledge and abilities.

Sasol is a reputable business with a long history in the chemical and energy sectors. The corporation aspires to give its workers employment security and provides chances for internal career growth and promotion.

Sasol regularly evaluates the performance of its employees through a formal performance management process. This process involves setting performance goals, providing feedback, and evaluating progress towards these goals.

Sasol offers a variety of possibilities for professional growth, including mentorship, job rotations, and training programs. The company encourages its personnel to pursue new challenges and possibilities within the company as well as to continuously expand their knowledge and skill sets.

The health and safety of Sasol's employees are of utmost importance. To create a safe working environment, the organization has established health and safety rules and procedures, offers training and resources, and periodically evaluates the risks connected with its activities.

Another thing, if you are also into the aviation business, and you want to work for a modern company, that is defying the status quo, you should definitely be considering FlySafair.

Not only it has an amazing environment, but you can also earn up to R 317 000 per year on average!

How to Apply at Fly Safair – where you could earn

FlySafair is one of the companies in South Africa that is tryng to make travels more affordable to everyone. Learn how to apply!

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