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SARB - Where the average payment in 2022 was R 911 062 per year!


The South African Reserve Bank serves as the nation's central bank. In order to promote balanced and sustained economic growth, its major goal is to attain and maintain price stability. It is essential for ensuring financial stability along with other institutions.


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So, if you are not afraid of big responsibilities and big challenges, and all of this comes with a high average pay and learning opportunities, working at SARB could be the opportunity you have been looking for! Take a look at our full review, and if you want to learn more, you can check out our "How to Apply" article!

Work-life balance
Compensation and benefits
Professional development

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Applicants must normally hold a relevant tertiary degree, such as one in economics, finance, or a closely related discipline, to be considered by the SARB. However, depending on the particular function, qualifications and experience may change.

The SARB frequently announces employment openings on its website, where interested candidates can submit their applications.

One or more interviews with a panel of SARB staff are normally conducted after an initial evaluation of the candidate's qualifications by the SARB. As part of the interview process, candidates might also need to finish a case study or competency exam.

The work environment at the SARB is professional and diverse, with a focus on teamwork, collaboration, and ongoing education. The bank also places a high priority on encouraging a positive work environment and work-life balance.

The SARB provides a variety of perks to its employees, including competitive pay scales, chances for training and professional development, flexible work schedules, and a number of additional benefits like health insurance and retirement plans.

If you want to work in the private sector, and/or prefer to improve some skills before applying to SARB, you can work at VKB.

A company that helps agricultural growth in South Africa and also has performance-based incentives!

Apply at VKB – Market-related compensations and...

Apply for VBK if you're seeking for a business with a track record and that cares about its employees' welfare!

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