Appy at Matase – Up to R 201 038 per year!

Learn how to apply at Matase if you are willing to work in the power business and help fix some of the energy problems of the country!


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Matase Industrial Solutions is a well-known business in South Africa that specializes in offering customers all over the national energy solutions.

How to apply for a position may be on your mind if you’re interested in working for this creative and dynamic business.

We will talk about the application procedure in this piece as well as the abilities required to succeed in a position at Matase.

With regard to serving customers in the energy industry, Matase is renowned for its dedication to doing so.

Diesel generators, gas turbines, electricity delivery devices, and other goods and services are among those the business provides.

Additionally, with a variety of perks and chances for professional advancement, Matase is also committed to giving its staff members a friendly and fulfilling work environment.

In this article, we will discuss what are the skills needed to excel as a Matase employee, and also, how is the application process itself.

Let’s dive into them

What are the skills needed to excel as a Matase employee?

Candidates should have both academic and soft abilities in order to succeed as Matase employees. Some of the crucial abilities needed to be successful in a position at Matase include:

Engineering knowledge

 Candidates with engineering experience are highly appreciated at Matase because the company is committed to offering energy solutions to its customers.

The ability to employ engineering concepts to tackle challenging issues is a requirement for candidates.

Project Administration

 Large-scale initiatives are something that Matase frequently takes on, so qualified applicants should be proficient in project management.

They should be able to effectively plan, coordinate, and carry out tasks, ensuring that they are finished on schedule and within the price.

Collaboration and Communication

 Teamwork and cooperation are important to Matase. Candidates should be able to collaborate well with coworkers, customers, and other partners and possess good written and vocal communication skills.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Matase works in a sector that is vibrant and constantly evolving. Candidates should be flexible and able to succeed in a hectic setting. T

hey ought to be capable of adapting to shifting conditions and willing to pick up new abilities.

How is the application process at Matase?


Job application


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Look if there are any job positions available at Matase!

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The application procedure is not too difficult if you’re interested in working for this creative and vibrant business.

To start, look for available jobs that fit your qualifications by visiting the Matase website or employment portals.

Once you’ve discovered a job that’s a good fit, upload your résumé and cover letter online.

Make sure to emphasize your pertinent experience and skills in your application and to customize it to the particular position.

You might be required to take a test to measure your technical knowledge and abilities in areas related to the job, depending on the position.

The HR staff at Matase will evaluate your application after you submit it and perform an initial screening to see if you fulfill the minimum qualifications for the job.

Them, you will be asked to an interview if you satisfy the prerequisites. A succession of interviews with various team members, including the recruiting boss and other stakeholders, may be part of the interview process.

Following the interview, Matase might run a background check to confirm your job experience, educational background, and other pertinent data.

After that, Matase will make you an employment offer if you do well in the audition and background check. The contract will contain information about the pay, perks, and start date.

Overall, Matase’s application procedure is planned to be quick and clear, and the business is dedicated to hiring the top applicants.

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