These are one of the most used apps by men’s

Men have a very particular set of interests, even if some are different from others, these are some of the most downloaded apps by men


Apps are the modern days’ beauty. Through some simple touches on your cellphone, you will be able to download software that can pretty well help you every day, almost any time.

Thinking about this, people have different necessities, but some necessities, as we discussed before, are more common in a man than in a woman, and vice-versa.

Here are some of the most used apps downloaded by men:


Starting out our list with one of the main lines of conversation of any man: sports.

Even if a man doesn’t make any kind of sports, he is loyal to his local teams. Whether it is football, baseball, basketball, or even chess (“thanks” to Covid-19), a man is always in touch about his team’s situation.

ESPN app does a great job in this regard. It allows men to keep in touch about almost everything in the sports world and also lets you watch games live through your phone.

No wonder this app is one of the most downloaded by men, no matter how busy your routine is, he’ll be there to get you updated.

#2 PlayStation/Xbox apps

If sports are one of the men’s biggest hobbies, video games are a close second.

PlayStation and Xbox’s apps have some differences, but the core of each one is very similar: its main goal is to connect with your console via phone, so you can have a more immersive experience through your videogames.

Beyond this scope, both apps allow you to see if your friends messaged you, their achievements, and such, so you can keep socializing with your gaming friends even if you are far from your console.

#3 Twitch

Following the addition of men in watching sports, watching e-sports and such seems like a natural path to follow. Considering this, Twitch is the vanguard app.

Despite the fact that is another streaming app, Twitch still is the most famous and one of the most long-lived apps.

It allows you to watch transmissions from your favorite content creators, allows you to interact with them, and through a lot of partnerships, it’s a place where you can find some useful drops for your favorite games!

#4 Boom Beach

Speaking about games, there are a lot of gaming apps for cellphones that are very famous and downloaded by a huge amount of people. One of its highlights is this game app.

From the creators of Clash of Clans, it follows a similar premise, a freemium base-building based game that has a very nice differential: it does not simply click and win, you need to have some strategy.

So, if you were a Clash of Clan fan and you never heard of this app, it’s definitely worth the try.

#5 Yahoo

If you are a younger person, probably you never heard of this, but I’ll tell you, for the older man, especially in his 30-40, Yahoo still is a powerhouse.

In this category, it is placed more than one Yahoo app. They have apps focused on news, apps focused on sports, finance, you name it.

This makes Yahoo one of the most used apps by men not only because of how these apps really are but because of some nostalgia by some of these people.

If we take it out carefully, we can see that man is usually focused on two things: one is news, regardless of its subject, but the second one is easy to find out: competitive stuff.

Sports, E-sports, and video games are all good examples of the competitiveness inherent in most men

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