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SANDF Worker in South Africa - Earn up to R 13 000 monthly


The South African armed forces are collectively known as the South African National Defence Force (SANDF). Working to them not only means working for one of the greatest companies on the country, but also to serve as a protector and important member of the South African Society


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So, if you are a young person who wants to start a career, and also wants an opportunity to help the country, you can do that by applying to SANDF. Take a look at our full review, and also if you got interested, you can learn how to apply right away!

Medical aid
Skill acquisition and education support
Free/subsidized access to public transport
Job placement

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One time a year, applications for the SANDF are accepted. This is available in numerous newspapers published as an application form.

Generally the basicn training program takes up to 2 years to be completed

A South African trade union for SANDF members is called the South African National Defense Union (SANDU).

All recruits will participate in a two-year training program during which they will be paid, provided with housing, and fed.

Up from 32nd in the beggining of 2022, South Africa is now regarded as having the 26th-strongest military in the world.

If you prefer another job in a security company, you can take a look at G4S, they are one of the top security companies in the world, and also, they give training for new employees.

Also, you can earn R 11 920 as a security guard and more than average in other activities!

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G4S worker – Earn R 11 920 as a security guard...

If you want to work for one of the biggest security companies operating in South Africa, you need to learn how to apply for them!

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