Investment apps for tracking stocks and news

Do you want to keep in touch on what stocks you own and have better management of them on your phone? Check out these apps!


Investments are one of the most notorious ways to get some kind of financial freedom. Through the investment in stocks, you are able to increase your net worth and therefore, have a better life.

Today then, we are going to be having a look into some of the best stock management apps, so you can get in touch with what you have and what you are looking for.

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Seeking Alpha

The needs of intermediate and advanced investors are catered to by Seeking Alpha Premium, which offers a cost-effective, comprehensive one-stop solution.

To assist you in making smarter investment decisions, Seeking Alpha Premium serves as an all-in-one investing research, stock tracking, and recommendation service. It provides analytical analysis of financial news, stocks, and more.

Seeking Alpha offers options to suit your needs, whether you’re wanting to invest on the move or set aside time for more in-depth study and analysis.

Seeking Alpha is the only website that offers limitless access to everything from transcripts of earnings calls, trying Alpha Metrics for author performance and author ratings, financial statements for the last ten years, the capability of side-by-side peer comparisons of stocks, predictions of dividend and earnings, and much more.

Motley Fool Stock Advisor

Simply put, Stock Advisor, the site’s flagship product, seeks to give you one thing: outstanding stock choices with the potential to outperform the market from the site’s co-founders.

The program promotes buy-and-hold trading, which is my go-to, basic trading strategy.

Additionally, it keeps track of their recommendations over time and connects you to a network of active investors seeking outsized returns.

This makes it an excellent choice for our list of stock tracking apps because it not only keeps track of stock price changes but also offers thoughtful comments from the service and investors.

The latter comment was made by a community that is focused on tracking stocks and is active and engaged.

The Motley Fool CAPS group seeks to assist you in determining which stocks to avoid and the ideal timing to buy them.

Personal Capital

There are 3.1 million users of Personal Capital. While some of them purchase the Wealth Management service, others use the Free Financial Dashboard version.

People may easily add all of their financial accounts, such as credit cards, savings, checking, loans, and tax-advantaged investment accounts, to the Free Financial Dashboard.

It also offers an Investment Checkup tool to evaluate your portfolio’s risk, review prior performance, and determine your portfolio’s goal allocation.

These suggestions can help you modify your portfolio and boost the success of your investments.

The free Investment Checkup tool from Personal Capital can help you evaluate your diversification and determine which stock sector assets are overweight and underweight.


With the help of Sharesight’s performance and tax reporting tool, you can follow shares and ETFs on more than 40 international exchanges.

The robust platform also allows for the tracking of 75 different world currencies and the following of alternative, non-listed products like fixed interest and investment real estate.

The best thing, though? An intuitive online portfolio tracker has everything.

The service takes pleasure in being a spreadsheet substitute, giving you access to a single location where you can follow various asset classes and know your true performance across all stated holdings.

You are able to actively compare the performance of your holdings to a variety of benchmarks of your choosing thanks to robust sorting options and the choice to omit closed positions.

Even better, you can compare your benchmark to your portfolio to observe how capital gains, dividends, and currency fluctuations (if you’re investing internationally) have affected it.

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