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Defending your country is indeed a really good job!

At SANDF, you know you are part of something important! Source: Google Images

The South African armed forces are collectively known as the South African National Defence Force (SANDF).
The South African president chooses a member of one of the military services to serve as SANDF commander.

How to apply and join the SANDF?

South Africa National Defence Forces can be an excellent option for a rookie that wants to start and develop a career!

They, in turn, report to the Department of Defense Military Veterans and the Minister of Defense.

Following South Africa’s first nonracial election in April of that year and the ratification of a new constitution, the military, as it is known today, was established in 1994.
Along with integrating guerilla forces from uMkhonto we Sizwe (MK), the Azanian People’s Liberation Army (APLA), and the South African Defence Force, it succeeded the former.

Keep reading our review and take a look if getting into SANDF might be a good deal for you!

What is the role of SANDF?

The SANDF’s main duty is to protect South Africa from outside military aggression. The other roles are supporting ones. Therefore, the main objective of the SANDF will determine its size, design, structure and funding.

The SANDF was engaged in many internal operations as of 2012, including:

  • Keeping the border secure (Operation CORONA)
  • Disaster support and relief (Operation CHARIOT)
  • Security and safety (Operation PROSPER)
  • Eradicating illegal firearms, drug dens, prostitution rings, and other bad actors from the nation (Operation FIELA)

What job opportunities can you find at SANDF?

Applications to join the SANDF reserve are only made available once a year, and they are advertised in several publications and career portals. You can choose to serve in any of the following divisions as a reserve member if you meet the prerequisites:

  • Defense 
  • Artillery 
  • Engineer
  • Infantry 
  • Intelligence 
  • Armor Artillery
  • Signaling

Also, it covers auxiliary functions such as:

  • Personnel
  • Logistics 
  • Finance 
  • Training

The icing on the cake: The SANDF offers the following specialty jobs:

  • medical specialist
  • pharmacist
  • veterinarian
  • psychologist
  • architect
  • constructor
  • audio engineer
  • engineer
  • quantity surveyor
  • land surveyor
  • inspector of works
  • archivist
  • military historian
  • librarian
  • documentation officer
  • communications officer
  • dietician
  • physical education officer
  • military law adviser
  • language officer
  • ethnologist
  • director of music
  • cryptographer
  • chaplain
  • anti-corrosion officiant.

What is the average salary of an SANDF worker?

The average annual salary of South African National Defense Force soldiers is R204,899.00.

There are 74,500 active members of the SANDF across all grades and posts.

Currently, R3,5 billion of the R46,2 billion SANDF budget for 2022 will go to paying its personnel.

Also, annual bonuses are available to SANDF employees.

Therefore, the average annual bonus for SANDF personnel is R21,000.00, with annual bonuses ranging from R2,000.00 to R51,000.00.

However, according to Salary Explorer, not every member of the SANDF received a bonus in 2021.

Only 31% of SANDF employees got bonuses that were between 0% and 4% of their annual wages. 69% of SANDF employees did not get any bonuses during the same year.

Another key factor is that the pay of SANDF personnel is much higher than the national average.

In contrast to the national average of 8% every 18 months for all professions, SANDF employees’ salaries increase by 10% every 16 months.

What are the benefits of serving at the SANDF?

You can serve your country by enlisting in the SANDF, and you can also help those in need in the event of a natural catastrophe or other emergencies.

Numerous young individuals can also profit from the following advantages:

  • Free or discounted use of public transportation
  • Developing skills and supporting education
  • Finding work
  • Burial assistance

These benefits can assist you in launching your career and helping the country of South Africa, as you make a living.

After your service is over, you are considered a veteran and are eligible for benefits such as housing assistance, free use of military health care, free or discounted use of public transportation, assistance with skill development and education, and job placement.

How to apply for the SANDF?

Check out our next article and take a look at what you need to apply for SANDF!

How to apply and join the SANDF?

South Africa National Defence Forces can be an excellent option for a rookie that wants to start and develop a career!

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