Pass the peaz: if you like cooking and sharing experiences, this app is for you

If you are the kind of person who values a good family recipe, stick around. This app may be what you need to preserve yours.


If you love to cook and see it as one of the most beautiful human arts, then you’ll love this app. It allows you to share your recipes with others, and connect with people who love cooking as much as you do.

 Whether you’re looking for new ideas or just want to find someone to share your passion with, this app is for you.

So, let’s take a look at Pass the peaz.

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Maybe you are already hopeless about finding a place that has all the necessary requirements for you. So stick around and you will find help.

What is the app about?

Anyone can develop private, step-by-step, video-guided recipes using the app to record the history of the food. This is a fantastic way to save and pass down family recipes to new generations.

Another option is to collaborate with family members to write a cookbook that can be distributed to others.

 Additionally, each recipe may be shared with other app users. Additionally, you can look through the public recipes posted by other cooks and add them to your cookbook.

They concentrate on the real community of users.

All types of chefs are welcome, although their primary concentration is on home chefs. It’s not about famous people or beautifully presented food, but rather about family and how you relate to each of those dishes.

They, therefore, urge you to network and become social.

 On this platform, you may explore new cultures from other chefs who share your interests while also learning about and celebrating your own.

How important this is?

Cooking books are a forgotten art. In the past, people would write down recipes and pass them down to future generations. This was a way to create a legacy, and family recipes were something that most people were proud of.

Nowadays, people are more likely to just look up recipes online or in magazines.

This is a shame because there is something special about having a physical cookbook that you can leaf through and add your own notes to.

However, the developers understood that paper is kind of dying, and in order to preserve this long tradition, it was necessary to adapt it into a new form, and created this app.

How to create your recipe on the app

When you click on a recipe, a new page opens with a list of the ingredients, any applicable cooking instructions, and a description of the dish.

To watch a step-by-step video on how to create the dish, use the Start cooking option.

By selecting the Plus tab on the home page, you may contribute your own recipes to the app. Just start by adding the ingredients, directions, and backstory. Everything is simple, so you can quickly start accumulating your collection of ancient recipes.

Additionally, you can collaborate with family members to produce a cookbook that you can subsequently distribute to others. Additionally, you can look through the recipes that other cooks have provided and add them to your cookbook.

Finding recipes from other people

You can find recipes submitted by others by using the Search tab on the home screen. You can either search using a recipe or by entering a person’s name.

Therefore, you can narrow down recipes depending on cooking techniques (like African or Argentinian), categories (like starter, breakfast, or dessert), or dietary restrictions (like Low fat or Vegan).

 Additionally, you may search by ingredient by using the adorable symbols on the Search page.

The Verdict

Without food and family, what is life? You’ll enjoy Pass the Peaz if you’re one of those folks who adore family reunions and customs.

By doing this, you and your loved ones will be able to reflect on all the enjoyable, heartfelt, and nostalgic experiences that go into preparing those cherished family recipes.

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