Diet Control: 4 Apps You Need to Know

If you are on a diet and need help with your diet control, here are 4 apps that we chose that may help you.


 Diet control is a challenge for many people who wants to lose weight or wants to become healthier.

Making a diet is a very hard goal and habit to create, especially in this hyper-fast world where we have an absurd amount of things to do, a lot of stimuli, and less and less free time, this objective becomes even more difficult.

The good news is, that there are a lot of good apps that can help a person on his journey to becoming a healthier man or a healthier woman.

 Some track the calories that you eat daily, and some help with your micronutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, there are endless varieties.

So, we chose 4 apps that we think are some of the best regarding diet control. This way, your quest for a healthier life in an unhealthy world might become a little easier.

1- Lose It! App

This is a very good app for those who want to focus on calorie counting and weight tracking.

With the input of your age, weight, and goals, Lose it! Is able to generate a personalized weight loss goal and a daily calorie budget. This way you can be on track for your improvement, not only long-term but short-term as well.

Another incredible feature that Lose it! has the ability to count your portion’s size by simpling and taking a photo of it!

 Not only this is an incredible feature, but by photos, people tend to be self-aware of how much they are eating, and how healthy the food is. This is very important if you want to build a lasting habit of eating healthy and nutritious food.

2- Fooducate

An important routine for those who want to make better diet control is going shopping. Sometimes it’s hard to understand by the labels if the food we are buying is indeed healthy or if it is not and we don’t know. Fooducate might be a good option if that is your problem.

By using Fooducate’s bar scan, it will give important information about the nutrients inside the food you are buying.

Another great is that Fooducate uncovers some unhealthy ingredients that might not be so clear in the food description, such as trans-fat.

3- MyPlate calorie counter

If you need an app that tracks your calories and macro counting during the day, your workout routine, and a bar code (not as wide-range as Fooducate’s, but also as impressive), the MyPlate Calorie counter might be a perfect choice.

But everything you need in one app; another great feature of this app is the great community it has.

So, if you got yourself on a tough day, be sure that this app’s community will be there to cheer you up and motivates you!

4- Cronometer

When you are on a specific diet, or only focused on losing weight, people just tend to focus only on the macronutrients (carbohydrate, fat, and proteins) and forget about other important aspects of your diet, like vitamins and minerals.

Cronometer helps in this aspect, allowing you to track up to 82 micronutrients, it helps you to avoid nutrient deficits that might come with following a new diet.

A good app not for those who want a really good diet control and nutrient tracking

Diet control is hard, and if you expected that these apps would be a shortcut for that, unfortunately, there is no such thing.

But if you are committed to your goals on diet control, these 4 apps might be of great help, so you will be able to overcome this challenge easier, but nonetheless still a challenge.

Keep up on your goals and objectives!

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