These are some ideal apps if you need to find an apartment

Maybe you are already hopeless about finding a place that has all the necessary requirements for you. So stick around and you will find help


If you are reading this article, you are probably looking for a new place to live.

And if you haven’t started your search yet, then you are in luck! Yes, in the lines below you will find tips on apps that will help you in this task, and you will see that it doesn’t have to be such a difficult mission.

There is data that is increasingly easier to manipulate due to the new technologies available, and even resources that allow you to take a virtual tour of the apartments and houses that you liked.

With that in hand, listing those that really suit your interests can be done without having to leave your home.

Let’s go through the list of suggested apps and see which one has the features that best suit your needs.


This app will be more useful for those looking for housing in big cities and with some features that make life easier for students.

In this application, it is possible for the student to share with potential roommates the houses according to their criteria and the responsibilities of each.

Another interesting feature for students is the possibility of posting listings if they are looking for a roommate.

These are some of the best cookbook apps out there

If you are trying to be a nice home cooker, you are in the right place! Here are the best apps for you if you want a cookbook.

Some properties can be visited via 3-D tours, which helps get a better idea of what you’ll get. Here you will find the hottest urban housing markets.

Among other features of this app, we have:

  • Verified landlord contact information, landlord ratings, real-time updates, and user reviews.
  • Notifications to your phone with new listings that match your customized search preferences.
  • Map-based search for visibility into neighborhood amenities, from dog parks to bottle shops to bike shares.
  • Commute time calculator.


From the app Zumper’s slogan, it is possible to feel welcomed so that the experience in the search for a new place is a positive one, instead of the traditional annoyances associated with all the bureaucracy involved in this process.

For them, “Finding a new place is the start of something great. It is what the customer really wants.

This app’s mission is to make renting an apartment as easy as booking a hotel. As for the owners, it promises to offer already qualified customers. And for both, fostering a safe and respectful renting experience.

Let’s see what this app offers to make life easier for its customers:

  • Gives immediate alerts when a suitable property goes online. This is great for high-density areas where places get rented out in a matter of hours or days.
  • A significant advantage of Zumper is the partnership with TransUnion. It means users can apply via the app directly with their credit scores available.
  • One can pre-book tours and also prequalify for an apartment. It is possible to pay rent via Zumper when the lease is signed in some areas.

Apartment Finder

Before we could imagine that one day it would be possible to rent an apartment via an app, Apartment Finder already existed. The company has been in the rental business since 1981.

Apartment Finders’ proposal is to offer Great Apartments and Great Deals. The company relies on its experience to provide security and good quality service.

As for the features that the company has created to make life easier for customers in its app, we can list the following:

  • The company is a member of CoStar Group, the leading information provider serving the multi-family industry.
  • Cost calculators.
  • Map-based pricing tools.

This one is designed for new renters and those who are strict with the budget. So students are mostly the target audience. It is one of the best in terms of finding something more affordable.

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